June 24, 2013:   The Brickhouse June 24th

You will be painting this painting!

       Thank You!

Event: The Brickhouse June 24th

Location: The Brickhouse (Upstairs)
Time: 7:00 pm

Join us Monday at The Brickhouse on the upper floor (Hayloft space), reserved just for Paint Nite guests. You will complete this artwork in 2 hours, and all supplies will be provided. Just show up and be prepared to have too much fun for a Monday night!

*Please note: Brickhouse has a $20 credit card minimum for events. If paying by cash, then there is no minimum per person.

Venue: The Brickhouse (Upstairs)

The Brickhouse Cafe is a refreshing oasis from the hard lines and cold spaces of our urban surroundings. Run by founder, Fred Reeves, and co-owner, Kim Kobasic, we began simply in 2001 with a mission to provide SoMa with quality, reasonably priced food, and a comfortable space to eat it in.

We specialize in high quality, house roasted, house smoked meats and burgers. We're open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and run a full bar with some bitchin' boutique wines, locally brewed beers and fresh signature cocktails.

426 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 369-0222