10 most creative wedding trends for 2017

Spring is here, and that means wedding season will be in full swing before you know it. Whether you’re headed to nuptials or planning them yourself, you’re bound to come across these top 10 creative wedding trends for 2017.

10. New (read: better) photography styles

drone wedding photography

Forget perfectly posed pictures. This year, photogs and their brides are all about candid shots and drone photography (seriously). It sounds a little out there, but just imagine the incredible aerial shots they’ll capture.

9. Unexpected color combos

Bright wedding colors

While the usual color combos aren’t going away, this year you’ll also see some unique wedding hues. Think bright, varied, and saturated—colors that say “welcome to the party.”

8. Unique food displays

Donut wedding wall

Here’s one I think we can all get behind. Couples are forgoing the traditional sit-down dinner and cake in favor of more unique foodie fare. From donut walls to food trucks to cakes made from stacked wheels of cheese, expect to see some different dining options in 2017.

7. Snapchat filters

wedding snapchat filters

If you thought wedding hashtags were tech-savvy, check this out: You can create (or pay to have someone else create) a custom snapchat filter for your big day. We can pretty much guarantee you’ll see these at every wedding you attend this year.

6. Marble and agate/geode

Marble and geode cake

Both trends are huge for 2017; so huge, in fact, that you’ll even see them together. Marble and agate or geode are popping up on everything from invitations to dessert.

5. Acrylic

Acrylic wedding sign

Acrylic details are finding their way into weddings in all sorts of places. We’ve already come across signs, plates, chairs, and even acrylic invitations.

4. Enchanted forests

Enchanted forest weddings

The enchanted forest thing is huge for 2017, and it’s obvious why: stunning colors, rustic elements, ethereal gowns. We’re obsessed with the fairytale feel.

3. Veggie bouquets

Vegetable wedding bouquet

Not only is carrying veggies down the aisle unique and beautiful, but it’s a great way to save money on overpriced flowers.

2. Colored glassware

colorful glasses at wedding

How beautiful is this? Colored glassware really adds personality to a table setting. Bonus: You can spend less on bright flowers if you infuse some color with your wine glasses.

1. Hanging florals

hanging flowers at wedding

Our number one creative wedding trend of 2017 is hanging flowers. The look is fresh, ethereal, and elegant. If you’re the one tying the knot, consider candles on the table and flowers above.

Have you seen any of these trends at weddings or are you planning to incorporate them in your own big day? Let us know in the comments. Okay spring, bring on the weddings!

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