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10 Hilarious Tweets About Paint Nite

At Paint Nite, all the hilarity shouldn’t stay within the confines of your local bar—we encourage you to unleash it to the world! Share the fun outside our walls by posting about your events (or about Paint Nite, in general) on social media. Here’s a roundup of ten hilarious tweets about Paint Nite that recently caught our eye.

1. When you’re young at art

Wish to be 21 Hilarious Tweets


2. When you and your painting are both eye candy

Take it Off at Paint Nite Hilarious Tweets


3. When you contemplate the issues that really matter

Disaster Hilarious Tweets


4. When a celebrity guest shows up to your event

Cats Hilarious Tweets


5. When you witness infamous/inebriated art thieves in the act

Stolen Painting Hilarious Tweets


6. When you’re a guy and your motivation to paint is at an all-time high

Milfs Hilarious Tweets


7. When you speak Millennial

Finna be Lit Hilarious Tweets

TRANSLATION: “But on the plus side, I’m going to Paint Nite, so it’s going to be awesome!”


8. When Mom is the only one who can save you from yourself

Dead at Paint Nite Hilarious Tweets


9. When you embrace the suck and love it



10. When your obsessions define you

Addicted to Paint Nite Hilarious Tweets


And we’ll just leave this here for you, too…


Do you have something funny to share or just want to rave about Paint Nite? Tweet and use #paintnite, and you’ll have the chance to be featured next time!

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