Gifts for the hostess

10 Hostess Gifts That Don’t Suck

It’s that time of year again. You just got invited to yet another holiday party. Woo hoo. Now you’re racking your brain on what to bring as a gift. Maybe you don’t even know the hostess all that well. Does she drink red or white? Does she even like scented candles?

Don’t panic. We gotchu.

Here are some of our favorite hostess gifts that are sure to please (and get you invited back next year).

1. Decorative bottle opener

agate bottle openers for hostess gifts

Pretty AND useful so it’s basically guaranteed she won’t throw it in her junk drawer and forget it.

2. Cheese making kit

DIY Deluxe cheese making kit

Because cheese is life. Plus, this is so much more thoughtful than bringing over a boring block of cheddar.

3. Hot chocolate on a stick

hot chocolate on a stick variety tasting 3-pack

Just add steaming milk and voilà! Yummy hot chocolate without the mess. It’s all about making it easier for the hostess.

4. Cocktail infused ice cubes

infused ice cubes for cocktails

Simple and delicious. We’re sensing a trend here.

5. The Oregon Trail Card Game

The Oregon Trail Card Game

A gift everyone at the party can enjoy. Sure, you’ll probably die of dysentery, but it’s worth it for the nostalgia alone.

6. Wine Pearls


wine pearls chilling a glass of white wine

Waiting for wine to chill is the worst. Now she won’t have to with these little beauties that go straight from the freezer and into the glass for the perfect vino every time.

7. Breakfast basket

blueberry breakfast making basket

I mean, really, who doesn’t love breakfast? If the hostess is that kind of lunatic person, then you should probably cut ties now anyway.

8. Tocca hand cream

Tocca Luxe hand cream

‘Tis the season for dry hands, right? Bonus: This is on Oprah’s list this year too, so you know it’s awesome.

9. Tea Tasting Box

variety teas box set

Because variety is the spice—er, tea—of life. And this one by Tea Forté has the cutest packaging.

10. Paint Nite or Plant Nite Gift Card

Gift Cards

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Experiences are the best kind of gifts. If you’re looking to give something memorable, Paint Nite and Plant Nite Gift Cards and eGift Cards are definitely the way to go.

And there you have it. We’re positive any of these hostess gifts will be a hit at your next holiday party. (Or why not gift them to yourself? Don’t worry… we won’t tell!)

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