10 reasons dudes dig Plant Nite

There’s a limited number of times you can actually enjoy your typical night plans before they get old. Maybe you want something a little less chaotic with a lot less fist bumping? Maybe you want to step outside your comfort zone? If you’re a dude looking for a down to earth (pun very intended) nite out, then check out these reasons why you should go to Plant Nite.

1. Buds and buds with buds

Beer and Succulents

Drink a coupl’a Buds (or anything else…there’s a full bar at each event) with your best buds and bud your own greenery (not that kind).


2. Locally grown

Locally Grown

Events take place at local bars, so you won’t spend a fortune on transportation. Plus, you’ll get to check out some spots that you’ve never been to.


3. Ladies, man, ladies

Double Date

With a high girl-to-guy ratio, you’re bound to meet someone. Please avoid using seedy pickup lines, though.


4. Girlfriend, man, girlfriend

Date Night

Buying flowers is out. Creating terrariums is in. Bring your girlfriend with you or take something home to her that she can keep alive for more than three days.

…did someone say Valentine’s Day plans?


5. Save some green by planting some

Beer Money

Skip the expensive trip to the game, casino, or golf course. We promise you won’t be spending 15 bucks on a beer at Plant Nite.


6. Easy come, easy grow

Easy Grow

You don’t have to be a master gardener to have a great time. Plant Nite is great for all thumbs (that’s a green thumb joke).


7. Ya diiig

Dig It

You get to play with dirt…again. We all did it in our backyards back in the glory days. Who says we have to stop now?


8. Sweet dreams are made of green

Sweet Dreams

Gardening has been known to alleviate stress. So clear your head of all the constantly bickering thoughts and get a great night sleep after your event.


9. Two dudes invented it

Dan and Sean

Our founders, Dan Hermann and Sean McGrail, are just a couple of bros on a mission to make sure every girl and bro can have an awesome creative nite out.


10. Extra terrestrial

Extra Terrestrial

…no, not the alien kind. Get in touch with the earth. Our overly technology-based and urban society sometimes makes us lose focus of our planet’s true beauty.


Now that we’ve cleared up all the not-so-manly stereotypes, it’s time to put Plant Nite to the test with the guys. Find an event in your neighborhood.



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