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4 Fantasy Figures to Create a Magical Terrarium

Everybody wants to make an ordinary potted plant into a magical miniature garden or a terrarium full of mystical wonders. Clearly, this is something everyone has dreams about all night long, right? Right. You’re in luck. We’re showcasing our 4 favorite fantasy figures that you can add to your Plant Nite terrariums to go from wanting to whimsical.

Create a Magical Terrarium with these Fantasy Figures


With an air of enchantment, these spirits really know how to shine.  Miniature fairy figurines are perfect additions to any magical garden. Watch out though, sometimes fairies have a penchant for trickery.

miniature fairy garden magical terrarium plant nite

AbilitiesHas magical powers


Ever elusive, these sirens will never show themselves to anyone unworthy and will call to you any time your garden is in danger (AKA you forgot to water it.) These sparkling mermaid tales will add a whimsical charm to your ocean-themed terrarium, so make it part of your world.

mermaid tails garden magical terrarium plant nite

AbilitiesForetells and provokes disaster, Causes shipwreck, Stirs up terrible storm


Majestic. Mythical. Enchanting. I mean this basically describes you. With so many colors, this legendary beast can brighten even the darkest place. It’s time to make your magical garden or terrarium as unique as you are. As the saying goes, “Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then be a unicorn.”

miniature garden unicorns magical terrarium plant nite

AbilitiesPower to render poisoned water potable, Heals sickness, Has magical powers


These little friends know the earth and are an important addition to your garden, whether indoors or out. They are often found guarding mines and underground treasures. So if you’re adding any gemstones to your magical terrarium, you’re gonna need one of these guys hanging around keeping a close eye out.

miniature garden gnomes magical terrarium plant nite

Abilities: Moves through solid earth


Click below to see if any you can catch any of these fantasy figures in your neighborhood, or check out the event calendar.

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