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5 Types of Chalkboard Terrariums to Make at Plant Nite

We get it. Adulting is hard. Sometimes you just want to forget your responsibilities and act like a kid again while getting your hands dirty. Enter the chalkboard planter terrarium.We love that you can customize your planter with a special message, quote, or silly saying. It’s like the summer vacay of your childhood (except this time with cocktails!). Play with chalk and get your hands in the dirt at a Plant Nite event near you!  Sounds like a win-win to us.

Here are some of our favorites that’ll make perfect additions to your home or office.


1. Herb garden chalkboard planter

Plant Nite's chalkboard herb planter

Have you ever grabbed cilantro when you meant to go for parsley? Whoopsie! At least you won’t mix up your herbs again with this handy planter.


2. Holiday-themed chalkboard planter

St. Patrick's Day themed terrarium

The best part about chalkboard planters is that you can change them up whenever you want—like when a new holiday comes around. We love this idea for St. Patrick’s Day!


3. Words to live by chalkboard planter

unicorn-themed terrarium

Hey, we can’t argue with that wisdom! Whatever phrase or motto makes you smile is definitely worth adding to your terrarium. What’s your favorite motto?


4. Vacation inspired chalkboard planter

Meet Me by the Sea-Chalkboard Container

It’s been proven that plants can actually help reduce stress. A vacation state of mind is even easier to achieve when your terrarium has a laidback beach theme. What’s more relaxing than the sea?


5. The punny chalkboard planter

tin chalkboard terrarium

Who doesn’t love a good plant pun? Say aloe to one of our favorites. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves!)

The great thing about chalkboard planters is that you can write (or doodle) whatever speaks to you. That’s right—anything goes!

What would you write on your own Plant Nite chalkboard terrarium? Let us know in the comments below. Then make your own—find a chalkboard planter event on your local event calendar.

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