5 of the most creative fundraising ideas out there

So you just volunteered to help your son’s school raise money for a new baseball field, or maybe you told your friend that you’d help set up a fundraiser to support the local firefighters? Now what?

It feels great to give back, but it can definitely be overwhelming to try to figure out the best kind of fundraiser to plan. Galas are expensive, bake sales are a lot of work (and a big mess), and your community has already been to four auctions this year. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back.

A big part of planning a successful fundraiser is finding an event that excites the group and ensures a great time. After all, everyone is busy, on a budget, and constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions. Even if they really want to help, they’re probably not going to unless the event itself entices them.

Here are our top five picks for creative, fun, and unique fundraisers that are sure to bring big crowds and help you hit your goals.

1. Chopped Challenge

Food Network’s Chopped has become a classic. Nothing else on? Chopped is always a safe bet. Since the show is so popular, why not bring the challenge to your group? If you’re trying to raise money in a fun and unique way, try cooking for a cause. Contestants raise money to sponsor their participation, and the audience purchases a ticket. The takeaway? A full heart from knowing that the money raised is going to a great cause!

2. Wine Auction

This one is super fun! You can auction off mystery bottles of wine that are within a specified value, or you can set up a wine wheel! Users spin the wheel and it lands on a price point. They then get to pick any gift bag from the section that correlates with the amount they landed on! You can have this be a solo event, or you can incorporate this into your larger fundraising efforts!

3. Paint Nite/Plant Nite

Want to paint or plant your way to more funds? Paint Nite and Plant Nite allow you to invite your community to connect and create over cocktails, all while raising funds for a great cause. The best part? A portion of each ticket sold goes directly to your cause! Find out more here.

4. T-shirt Drive

Websites like Booster allow you to design a custom t-shirt for your cause. Then, your supporters can purchase a shirt and a portion (usually around $10) is donated back to your cause! This is a great way to raise funds and spread awareness!

5. Fashion Show

Fashion shows are a great way to raise funds, get your community involved, and market for local retailers! Have your supporters act as the models, and pair with shop owners in your community to supply the fashions. Often, big retailers like TJMaxx participate in these and extend a discount to participants and attendees at the store! Find out more here.

Are we missing a unique fundraising idea? Email us at blog@paintnite.com or leave a comment below and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy fundraising!

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  • Naiomi Laughland says:

    Hello:) I would like to have a paint night fundraiser for our local Duncan Dynamics Gymnastics Club. How do I get this going? Thank you:)
    Naiomi Laughland

  • Catherine Keill says:

    Good morning! I submitted a form to Paint Nite over two weeks ago to inquire about a fundraising event in our community for a theatre company but I have yet to hear from anyone and the time is getting tight. Is there a way to get a contact for Edmonton, Alberta that can help me? 🙂 Paint Nites are very popular so I suspect folks are just swamped right now… Thanks for your help!

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Sincerest apologies! It looks like someone on our team tried to respond back to you. Maybe it went into a spam folder? Can you send us your phone number to groups@paintnite.com and we will give you a call. We’d love to work with her! – Katie

  • What fun ideas!!!! I’ve looked at Groupons because I’d personally love to do a paint night anyway, but to know the money is going toward something I believe in? Great idea! Thanks for posting. I have the link copied. 🙂

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Thanks Camille! Let us know if you have any questions. I hope your fundraiser is a smash success! – Katie

  • Linda Peters says:

    I really liked your article .Great

  • For sure, making fundraising events fun is one of the best ways to raise money! People LOVE food and wine – and the paint night idea is great too! Love these suggestions.

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