Plants are good for you

5 Surprising Ways Plants Are Good for You

Adding a little green to your home (or office) can improve the quality of your life with all kinds of health benefits and feel-good factors. How cool is that? Here are five great reasons for making plants a part of your personal space.

1. They improve concentration

 echeveria succulent on white desk

Studies prove that keeping a houseplant in your work area can help improve concentration by 15 percent. So a pretty terrarium or echeveria succulent on your desk is all it takes for a more productive day. Sounds good to us!

 2. They can help you sleep better

three square glass terrariums with succulents and colored sand

We all know that plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, but that process is typically reversed at nighttime for most plants. Succulents, however, are among the few plants that keep producing oxygen through the night, so they can help you get better sleep. Just place a succulent or two (like sedum or jade) on your bedside table and you’ll be snoozing soundly in no time.

3. They purify the air

Plant Nite Aloe Succulent Plant

The air inside your home may also contain hundreds of pollutants that can bring on or worsen allergies and asthma. Ick! The good news is you can use succulents such as aloe vera to help purify the air so you can breathe easier—literally.

4. They can reduce stress

mint, oregano, and basil in a wooden box terrarium

Did you know that smelling fresh basil can actually help reduce stress? Scientific tests show that the scented compound linalool that’s found in basil and other herbs may suppress stress-related chemicals and gene changes. Feeling zen, anyone?

 5. They balance energy

 cacti, pebbles, and colorful moss in a glass bowl terrarium

According to good Feng Shui, cactus plants can dispel negative energy in the home and attract wealth. Whether you believe that or not, they’re still some of the easiest plants to care for so it couldn’t hurt to give it go!

Want to get in on some of these benefits for your own home? Then check out a Plant Nite near you and create your own living terrarium of goodness.



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