5 Ways to Keep Organized During the Holiday Season

Let’s face it: the holidays can be chaotic at times. It’s easy to get lost in the festivities and lose track of what’s going on. We thought we’d help out by giving you a few creative ways to stay on track and win the holidays like never before. Check out these five easy tips for staying organized during the holiday season.


1. make a list, and check it twice


Write things down! Whether it be a holiday event or a basic responsibility (gifts, travel, cooking), it can be easy to forget what you have to do with the stress of the holidays weighing down on you. Don’t miss out on that ugly sweater party for the third year in a row.


2. finish early


Once you’ve designated your to-dos for the season, do your best to check them off early. Last-minute shopping, cooking, wrapping, or whatever else can be difficult, especially when there’s tons of other people procrastinating at the same time.


3. keep tabs on your gifts


The worst thing you can do is wrap all the presents, then forget what’s under the paper. To avoid this, create a spreadsheet of all your gifts—include what they are, who they’re for, and how much you spent on them. Just make sure you name the spreadsheet something inconspicuous, just incase you have nosey kids peeking around your desktop.


4. turn chores into parties


Decorating, cooking, wrapping, and all your other holiday duties can be a heavy workload. Set up little parties and get your friends (and a bottle of wine) involved to turn your work into fun!


5. relax


Take a breather every once in a while. The holidays are a time for cheer, not incessant chaos. Plan some you-time (devoid of any distractions) and free your holiday spirit. Looking for a quick getaway? Head to Paint Nite or Plant Nite for the perfect creative break from it all.


Have any other creative ways to stay organized during the holiday season? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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