6 DIY Gifts People Actually Want


Okay, here’s something you might not believe at first: Shopping for holiday gifts can be FUN. You don’t have to dodge overzealous shoppers at the mall or spend ungodly amounts of money on something that’ll be in the back of the closet by next year. They key: Give something you created yourself. Not only is it more meaningful, but it’s fun for you to get your DIY on.

We know what you’re thinking: I don’t do crafts. I’m not artistic. No one wants a macaroni jewelry box. Paint Nite and Plant Nite to the rescue! We make it so easy to create a frame-worthy painting or a gorgeous terrarium for the coffee table. Either one makes a thoughtful gift, but there are plenty of other options, too. Here, we’ve rounded up 6 awesome and unexpected handmade gifts you can create at Paint Nite or Plant Nite.

1. A gallery wall

Paint Nite gallery wall

What’s better than one painting? Three! Give your recipient a trio of paintings that can be hung together in a pleasing pattern. We suggest choosing paintings with the same color palette or theme, like the animal ones shown here. Take your gift up a notch by having the canvases framed. Pro tip: The frames don’t have to match. Look for different colors and textures that work well together.

2. A personalized terrarium

Meet Me by the Sea-Chalkboard Container

The great thing about Plant Nite is that you can customize your creation. We suggest making something with significance for your significant other. If you met at the beach, make a terrarium like the one above. You could also write a special message on a wish stone or throw in your own little souvenirs when you get home.

3. A painting of their pet

Paint Nite Paint Your Pet

Here’s one that’s perfect for the pet-obsessed. Check your local Paint Nite event calendar to see if our popular Paint Your Pet events are happening near you. Then, sneak a picture of your best friend’s/mom’s/cranky neighbor’s pet and send it in so your local artist can create a sketch for you to paint at your event (we make it so easy). Who wouldn’t want their favorite four-leg’s pic hanging on the wall?

4. Holiday decor

Plant Nite holiday wreath  holiday terrarium



We love getting festive at Plant Nite. This season, look for this festive wreath or a holiday terrarium on your local event calendar. Wouldn’t they make the perfect gift for a stylish hostess or the mother-in-law who has everything?

5. A light-up painting

Paint Nite painting with lights

What a genius way to turn your Paint Nite painting into an even more beautiful gift! We poked a few holes in the night sky of this one and stuck mini LED lights in them to create a star-speckled sky.

6. A terrarium shadow box

Plant Nite shadow box

We love this succulent shadowbox. It’s the perfect gift—you can hang it on your wall AND it’s brimming with fresh, living plants. This Plant Nite project is the best of both worlds!

Wait—we have one more. If you want your friends and family to get in on on the creative fun with you, give them a Paint Nite or Plant Nite Gift Card or eGift Card! The best part? You get a FREE $10 Bonus Card for every $45 you give. Our suggestion? Go with your recipients and give them two gifts in one—a creative nite out and time spent together.


Book events at PaintNite.com and PlantNite.com or buy Gift Cards and eGift Cards for Paint Nite or Plant Nite! We’ll see you there. Happy holidays!

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  • Carol Stover says:

    I enjoyed your post! Beautiful artwork. Crafts have been my passion my entire lifetime. From the beginning of learning how to do Embroidery, my Mom taught me the stitches. Now enjoy easier plastic canvas. Speaking of canvas, I love to paint. It’s another soothing hobby. I have collected tablet fulls, computer full of ideas and then wonderful Pinterest came along. I also love Knifty knitting, looms of round. Many a hat I’ve donated. I’m glad the vice president’s wife is instilling more of art. Art is an expression of oneself. I love giving my gifts of art, from my heart. I’m glad to see these great paint parties, people developing their style. My oh my the crafts I have obtained from great stores like Michael’s Crafts. I have a room full. Lol. Well I’m rattling. Just know these things are appreciated from kids if all ages, I’m 66 now. Sincerely, Carol Stover. Merry Christmas! P.S. no website yet.

  • Randi says:

    Do you have any kid paint night options. Seven years okd

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Randi,
      At the moment all of our events are 21+, but we’re testing family-friendly events. Hopefully soon!

  • Jennifer says:

    Is number 5 battery operated or plug-in?

  • Andrea says:

    I’m interested in this for xmas presents for my barn of people that have horses and dog or cats. I saw one that was at a discount now I can’t find it. Please let me no if that’s still Availible.

  • Elli says:

    Hi I saw in the summer time were they painted wine glasses didnt see any for winter is there a reason why?

  • Wanda Cain says:

    when can I have a free paint party or does it cost I live in jamaica plain and I know a couple location we can have one so I can invite my favorite family &friends let me know how this works….

  • I absolutely love and laughed out loud with your opening comments re making your dogs talk and doing their voices lol I / we do the same for our cats .. even our dear departed Marfy still gets in on the conversation and yes I think it’s totally normal too 😉 A wonderful intro on your part Kudos 😉

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