7 easy ways to spark creativity

7 easy ways to spark creativity

We get it. Creativity can feel impossible sometimes. It’s really easy to just say “I’m not a creative person.” The reality is that you are. Everyone’s capable of being creative. It just takes some practice. Try these simple ways to spark creativity in your life. The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

  1. Start now. Turn off the TV, step away from the cell phone or tablet, and make time for being creative.start being creative now
  2. Leave a notebook by your bed. Write down ideas before bed or if you wake up in the night. Doodle. Whatever comes to mind—there is no wrong.notebook
  3. Get out of your routine. Have a favorite playlist? Or love being inside? Switch it up. Listen to something you’ve never been into before. Go outside. Do the opposite of what you usually do and see where it takes you.get out of your routine
  4. Let your inner child out. Kids don’t tend to overthink things and you shouldn’t either. Find “play time” in your day and let your inner child take over for a bit.free your inner child
  5. Be alone. We absolutely love this blog post on The Artists Way that shares 101 Artist Date Ideas. Give one (or many) of them a try.be alone
  6. Accept boredom. It is OKAY to be bored. In fact, sometimes boredom can bring about the best ideas. Listen to Neil Gaiman. He is, after all, a New York Times bestselling author.Neil Gaiman quoteaccept boredom
  7. Drink. That’s it. Sometimes you just need a drink in your hand.time for a drink

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