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7 plants that make us feel…weird

At our Plant Nite events across the country, we bring together friends, drinks, terrariums, and some pretty amazing plants. And while we think our succulent selection is spectacular, we found some alternatives that give us all sorts of weird feelings. Check them out and tell us how they make you feel.

Weird Plant Trachyandra


Wikipedia tells us this genus of succulent is native to Madagascar, Yemen, and eastern and southern Africa. We don’t have Plant Nite in any of those locales yet, and if we didn’t know any better, we’d say this plant comes from another planet.

Feeling: Confused

Fenestraria, or "Baby Toes"

Fenestraria, or “Baby Toes”

Adorable or creepy? Fenestraria is known as “Baby Toes” because of how much each petal (leaf? stalk? Honestly not sure what to call them.) looks like teeny tiny baby digits. tells us it’s also called “living stones, with larger plants producing small rock-like protuberant leaves.”

Feeling: Happy

Weird Plants Crassula Marneriana Babies Necklace

Crassula, or “Baby’s Necklace”

This is “Baby’s Necklace.” We’re not really sure that babies wear necklaces or why so many of these plants are compared to infants, but here we are. This crassula succulent goes by many names, including worm plant, Chinese jade, and jade necklace vine. Our vote? Worm plant. It looks like a plant made of worms.

Feeling: Nauseated

Weird Plants Echeveria Flowers Succulent

Echeveria flowers

There are about 150 varieties of echeveria succulents. (You can find some of them at Plant Nite events!) It’s hardy and easy to grow, and if it flowers under your care, you’ll be impressed by its color and general awesomeness. Who needs roses when you have succulents?

Feeling: Light and feathery

Weird Plants Euphorbia Obesacristate

Euphorbia obesa cristata

Oh how we hate the way this makes us feel inside. There’s something unsettling and slightly creepy about this plant, but truth be told, that’s also one of the reasons we love it. According to, the succulent pictured here is an older plant that’s been well established. Still, they look weird when young, too, but it might take you a while to get to full creepy status.

Feeling: Uneasy

Weird Plants Lobivia Albolanata Forma Cristata

Lobivia albolanata forma cristata

This plant literally looks like a warm, fuzzy, fleece-covered brain. It also has a large root bulb, so it needs to be kept in a big, deep pot. Other than that, it’s pretty hardy and easy to keep.


Spiral Grass succulent

Moraea tortilis, or “Spiral Grass”

Spiral grass, you say? Before you go out and try to replace your entire backyard lawn with this gorgeous plant, please note that it’s NOT actually grass. According to, spiral grass makes an excellent ornamental houseplant grown in pots or hanging baskets.

Feeling: Bouncy

How do each of these plants make you feel? Tell us in a comment below. And if you have some of your own weird or unusual plants, snap a photo and tag us (@PlantNite) or use hashtag #PlantNite to share it with us!

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