8 things your friends do that improve your health

In honor of World Mental Health Day, we’re celebrating the ones who give us a happy boost exactly when its needed: friends.

When you’re feeling down, struggling at work, going through a breakup, or grieving a loss, your friends are there. And when you’re feeling happy, celebrating a big promotion, a relationship milestone, or a big birthday, your friends are there. And guess what? It’s not only on big occasions that your friends are there to give your mental health a little pick-me-up. It’s those little things friends do every day that really help keep us sane. These are a few of our favorite things.


8. When your friend refills your wine glass without you having to ask.


*chug* *chug* *chug* Cheers!


7. When your friend texts you a picture she knows you’ll love.


*Rubs belly through the phone*


6. When your friend agrees your crush is the most beautiful person alive, even when they don’t actually agree.


Me (out loud): Yea, he’s perfect! Go for it. Soooo cute!
Me (inside): Meh.


5. When your friend watches you change outfits 93,828,948,741,289 times and gives an honest opinion of every one.


I’m totally buggin’, I can’t find anything to wear!


4. When your friend listens to you complain about the same thing over and over and over…


Because sometimes you just really need to vent.


3. When your friend actually tells you there’s a bat in the cave or toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

Toilet Paper

Because let’s face it, no one else will.


2. When your friend watches that movie with you again because she knows how much you love it.


Come on, who doesn’t love The Goonies?


1. When your friend drops everything to be there when she’s needed. (And isn’t that really the only thing that matters?)


Time for a new set of friendship bracelets. *Tears*


Let us know the little things your friends do to bring you back to peak happiness by commenting below.


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