8 ways to put Pantone’s Color of the Year in your home

YOU GUYS. Pantone® announced their Color of the Year and, in case you haven’t heard, it’s Greenery. It’s like all the Pantone execs got together and said, “Plant Nite is incredible! What a great way to go out, get creative, and make something beautiful for your home. We love Plant Nite—let’s choose a Color of the Year that honors our favorite nite out!” To be clear, no one at Pantone actually said this as far as we know—but we can’t be sure they didn’t say it either.

The point is, it’s undeniable that Plant Nite, and succulents as home decor in general, are super trendy for 2017. We’ve gathered our favorite pics from people who love Plant Nite to show you just how great our greenery looks at home.


Who would’ve thought a disco ball would look so good beside a Plant Nite terrarium?

Terrarium on table, @goldalamode



How beautiful does this guy look on a clean white table? Really beautiful.

Tabletop terrarium, @thefoodjoy



You’ll never gnome how good a terrarium full of Greenery looks in your home until you plant one there!

Gnome terrarium, @courtneyosgood



We love this stylish pairing of Greenery, hot pink, black, and white.

Stylish terrarium, @explicitaffairs



We’re totally going to start arranging pretty products on a white shag rug, just like this:

Terrarium on rug, @aretastylesecrets



Um, yea. We stylish.

Trendy terrarium, @missyanacherie



We’ll take our terrarium with a little tea and Tolstoy, please.

Terrarium and tea, @trendsandtolstoy



Okay, so this bowl of Greenery is technically more outside the home than in, but how good does this look?

Terrarium in the city, @labelednyc



Feeling a little green with jealousy? Get your own trendy terrarium in the Pantone Color of the Year at Plant Nite.


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