About Us

What is More Than a Buzz?


With More Than A Buzz, we invite you to join our creative lifestyle revolution and catch up on all things creative. Drink in our potent mix of curated creativity, inspired DIY, and lifestyle hacks for everything from cocktails to craftables. Your creative soul is thirsty—quench it!


Meet the team behind the blog!


Paint Nite Bobby

I grew up on creativity. With a Creative Director for a father, daily doses of critiquing TV commercials, radio spots, and other ads inspired me to devote my career to it—so I became a copywriter. I like words, hiking, and getting my Don Draper on with a nice glass of Canadian Club rye on the rocks.



Paint Nite Caroline


The wearer of many hats, Caroline enjoys numerous aspects of the design industry. Whether it be designing stationery, building large props, or meticulously crafting the perfect table number, she loves anything that will get her hands a little dirty. Sharing in the joy and warmth of hospitality, Caroline is motivated by the happiness created by design and events. With a goal of staying innovative, she seeks her inspiration from bright hues and natural textures, not satisfied until a design directly captures the personality of a client.




Paint Nite Erica


Hi, I’m Erica. I get creative by making up what my dogs say to each other in their personality-perfect voices. It’s totally normal.



paint nite katie

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a writer at heart with a passion for people and a love for Marketing. You can usually find me with my camera in hand trying to get that perfect photo for Insta. These days, I live and breathe all things social media and am lucky enough to call that a job.

What is Paint Nite?

Paint Nite logo 

Paint Nite® is invading local bars and restaurants across the US and Canada to bring creative-minded people a new way to go out, have fun, and feel good. It’s everything a great nite should be—friends, drinks, laughter—but with an added dose of DIY. You’ll create a one-of-a-kind painting (we make it so easy!) along with the memory of a unique nite out.


What is Plant Nite?

plant nite logo

Plant Nite®, our newest popular nite out, proves green is the new black! Just like Paint Nite, these events are held at popular local venues, but instead of painting you’ll get your hands dirty as you create a trendy terrarium with succulents and accessories (tiny dinos, anyone?).


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