Paint Nite Kids All Ages Events

Bring the family to Paint Nite and Plant Nite!

You asked for it, and we heard you.

In case you haven’t heard, our All Ages events are officially happening all over the US and Canada!

Paint Nite All Ages Events

Encouraging kids and grown-ups to get creative together, All Ages events are the perfect family-friendly day or nite out. Since these events are for kids, we know you have some questions. We want you to feel 100% confident that Paint Nite and Plant Nite events are a great activity for you and your littles, so read on—we think you’ll like what you see.

Your burning questions—answered

Q: Who can attend All Ages events?
A: There are two kinds of All Ages events: 6+ and 13+. We split these groups because young kids and teens have different skill levels and interests. For every 3 kids in attendance, at least one parent or guardian must be with them.

Paint Nite Kids All Ages Events

We also now offer 18+ events in the US and 16+ events in Canada. For these events, guests 18+/16+ can attend without an adult (you’re totally old enough to be responsible), but cannot drink alcohol.

Q: Hold up—does that mean there are no more 21+ events (18+ in Canada)!?
A: Of course not! Most Paint Nite and Plant Nite events are still for adults of legal drinking age. We now offer All Ages events in addition to standard events.

Q: How do I find All Ages events on my local event calendar?
A: You can easily find All Ages events on your local event calendar by clicking on the All Ages button at the top of the page, and you can filter different ages from there. These events are also marked with a blue flag that says All Ages.

Find Paint Nite All Ages events in your neighborhood.

Find Plant Nite All ages events in your neighborhood.

Q: Okay, but my kid is still so young! Will you make this easy?
A: Absolutely. We keep the steps short, sweet, and completely accessible. Terrariums are completed step-by-step with hands-on help. Paintings are kid-friendly and fun for adults to make, too! Check out a few favorites:

Elephant Love painting

Elephant Love

Fairytale Castle Painting

Fairytale Castle

Rainbow the Giraffe painting

RAINBOW: The Giraffe

The Dog Did It painting

The Dog Did it

Q: What time are these events and how long do they run?
A: All Ages events are scheduled for afternoons during vacations and weekends, and evenings after school. Your local hosts keep bedtime in mind when planning. Paint Nite All Ages events usually run just a bit shorter than standard events since the paintings tend to be easier. You can expect to be there for about an hour and a half.

Q: At Paint Nite events, will the paints stain clothes? My kid is very messy.
A: Kids aren’t concerned about staying clean, but you are—we get it! Our acrylic paints are washable, but we recommend kids wear old clothes to lighten your laundry load.

Q: What should I bring to this event?
A: Just yourself and your kids! We supply absolutely everything, from canvas to apron and planter to succulents.

Q: So I can drop my kids off and head to the bar, right? I can totally watch them from there.
A: That’s not how we do things. All Ages events are meant to be an opportunity for kids and grown-ups to bond as they create together. Every three kids must have at least one grown-up with them, and all guests must have purchased a ticket and plan to paint or plant. Sorry, no exceptions.

Paint Nite All Ages Events

Q: I see lots of photos from Paint Nite and Plant Nite events on social media. Will you be posting pictures of my kids?
A: Not of you don’t want us to. We do take photos at events as a courtesy for our guests, and they’re sometimes posted on our social media, but we request permissions before posting online. But we definitely get that some parents don’t want their kids’ faces online—just let your host or photographer know and we’ll steer clear.

Q: I’m so excited to create with my kid! Can I still enjoy an alcoholic beverage or two while I’m there?
A: Absolutely! We always encourage guests to purchase food and drink from the event venue. Just keep in mind that we don’t require our All Ages venue partners to have alcohol available, so if you want to drink make sure you’re going to a venue with a bar.

What guests are saying

What was the best thing about your event?

That you’re encouraging kids to be kind to themselves

Watching the kids and the reaction to how is it actually is to create a painting.

The host was super helpful and personally talked to us about plant care.

I really enjoyed the artist’s energy. She was very attentive to my daughter and made her feel very comfortable painting.

I loved sharing something I love to do with my kids.

What did your child think about the event?

She had a blast and wants canvases at home so she can paint every day!

He was proud of what he accomplished and showed everyone that came to the house.

Even more love…

Fun from beginning to end. What a great way to teach kids about plants from a young age!

Parents will love it. Kids are engaged and having fun and get to take an awesome picture home when they’re done!

The artist was great—so nice and patient.

What are you waiting for!? All Ages events are happening now. Check your local event calendar and tell your kids, “YOU CAN FINALLY GO TO PAINT NITE OR PLANT NITE!”

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