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all the buzz: may

Happy almost-summer, everyone! The things that we’re loving this month all have the season in mind.

10. The Foldable Wine Bottle, Wine2Go
The Foldable Wine Bottle, Wine2Go

You know when you’re hiking, at a concert, or at the beach and you wish you had a bottle of wine to make your day that much better? This lightweight, BPA-free pouch makes it easy to travel with your favorite vino in tow (like we need another excuse to drink wine).

9. Lego Makeover Photos, two three bricks

Lego Makeover Photos, two three bricks

Have you always wanted to be immortalized as a Lego? Okay, maybe your answer is “umm…no,” but you’ll change your mind when you see how awesome this is. Creative company two three bricks will turn you into a Lego and send you a digital portrait of your plastic avatar. How cool is that?

8. NailSnaps


If you’re addicted to nail art but can’t hold your hands still enough to create exactly what you want, NailSnaps are a fashionista’s dream come true. Just send in the design you want, and they’ll shoot back nail wraps with your unique art.

7. GoSun Sport Solar Cooker, The Grommet

GoSun Sport Solar Cooker, The Grommet

This handy-dandy tabletop grill lets you cook your food using nothing but good ol’ solar power. Go fuel-free and hands-free with the GoSun and its carrying bag. We can’t wait for our first camping trip of the year.

6. Leaf the Fest to Me Glass Set, ModCloth

Leaf the Fest to Me Glass Set, ModCloth

Pretend you’re on a tropical island (even when you’re in your kitchen) with these bright palm-printed glasses. Sangria, anyone?

5. Vogue Coloring Book by Iain R. Webb

Vogue Coloring Book by Iain R. Webb

Adult coloring books have been popular for while, and now there’s (thankfully) a version filled with pictures we actually want to look at. Fashion editor and Royal College of Art Professor, Iain R. Webb, drew 96 pages of 1950s Vogue-inspired outlines for you to fill in as you please.

4. Watermelon Corer & Server, IPAC

Watermelon Corer & Server, IPAC

No more sticky fingers! IPAC’s genius creation makes slicing watermelon so simple you’ll be eating the sweet stuff all summer long. The best part? Slices come out with no rind so you can mindlessly chomp away.

3. Namast’ay in Bed Pillow, Dormify

Namast’ay in Bed Pillow, DormifyYou can’t feel guilty about skipping a workout if it means you get to toss this pillow on your bed. Hit snooze on your alarm and snuggle up instead.

2. Women’s Lotus ZX Flux Shoes, Adidas

Women’s Lotus ZX Flux Shoes, Adidas

Who said running sneakers can’t be feminine? Adidas’ ZX Flux shoes combine one of their classic styles with a hot lotus print. Okay, we’re ready for that workout now.

1. tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder, The Grommet

tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder, The Grommet

tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder, The Grommet

No more balancing your nail polish precariously on the arm of the couch—this incredible creation lets you wear the bottle while you paint so both hands are free. This might make salon visits a thing of the past…okay, maybe not.

Which pick is your favorite? Comment below. (We’re hoping for one of each!)

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