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4 amazing art techniques we just love

At Paint Nite, we’re all about making art easy and fun for everyone. You don’t need to have held a paintbrush before to come away from one of our events feeling like Picasso. We’re just cool like that.

That being said, we do find creative inspiration in those few truly talented folks who work hard each and every day bringing their imagination to life through art. There are some seriously cool art techniques out there right now. Like these four:

Ebru or Marbling

According to The Turkish Cultural Foundation: “Marbling is the art of creating colorful patterns by sprinkling and brushing color pigments on a pan of oily water and then transforming this pattern to paper. The special tools of the trade are brushes of horsehair bound to straight rose twigs, a deep tray made of unknotted pinewood, natural earth pigments, cattle gall and tragacanth. It is believed to be invented in the thirteenth century Turkistan.”

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Adult Finger Painting

Finger painting is no longer just for kids. It’s amazing what some artists can do with just a pair of gloves, paint, and their own hands. Iris Scott is one of our favorites. Check out her “How to Finger Paint” video to really see how she bring this technique to life.


Anyone can doodle and most of us have tried this art technique at some point in our lives (likely during Math class in high school), but few have created Doodle Art the way that artist Kerby Rosanes does. This guy brings doodling to life.

Spray Paint Art

Spray paint has really become more than the medium for “graffiti.” It’s awe-inspiring to see how some artists are using this paint to create masterpieces. As the video below shows, spray paint artists actually manipulate the paint while it’s still wet to design their art and often use found objects to add texture.

Inspired yet? We definitely are.

We’re thrilled to have created a platform for hundreds of artists to make art their full-time job. Support your local artists and Creative Entrepreneurs by checking out Paint Nite in your area. You might learn some really cool art techniques of your own.

Happy painting!

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