Paint Nite Artist Andrea Soto

April Featured Artist and Painting

Let’s get to know Paint Nite artist, Andrea Soto. Andrea is the creative mind behind some of our favorite paintings, including “Whatever Lola Wants” and one of this month’s Featured Paintings, “Alluring Blossoms.” Have you painted this one with us yet? It’s basically spring on canvas.


You can find Andrea hosting events at Paint Nite Miami. Here she is!

Meet Paint Nite artist Andrea Soto

When did you become a Paint Nite artist and why?

I became a Paint Nite artist in April of 2014; I had been an artist all my life with a concentration in portrait painting. While I had received intense art training in high school and college at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, I had never before worked in the profession of the arts.

Before joining Paint Nite, I had spent eight years in the U.S. Army, which included a fourteen month deployment to Kuwait in the beginning of the Iraq war. As a civilian, I worked a retail job and spent many years walking the runways in Miami as a bikini and fitness model.

When I finally started Paint Nite, getting up and performing in front of large crowds came very natural to me! It was a blessing to get up there and finally share my real passion for painting.

Paint Nite Artist Andrea Soto

What’s your favorite part about hosting a Paint Nite event?

What I love most about hosting Paint Nite is bringing out the inner child in my students. Most people have very serious jobs in their everyday life, in which there is a right and wrong way to do things, and consequences if a wrong decision is made.
Paint Nite is freedom from that. Here, there is no right and wrong, no mistakes. I tell my guests that the most joy comes from watching the paint move across the canvas, and not so much what the end result is.
Paint Nite Whimsical Daisy

What’s your favorite thing to paint and why?

My favorite style in painting is watercolor; I love the drippy look and seeing different colors run together by accident.
Whatever Lola Wants Painting
Many of my most popular Paint Nite paintings are done in this style, including my best seller “Whatever Lola Wants”. I used this style as inspiration for “Alluring Blossoms” as well. I feel it is easy to teach beginners in this style because it involves a lot of whimsical strokes and “smushing around” that doesn’t require a lot of concentration. Guests have the ability to get loose with their brush strokes and still execute a beautiful art piece.

What do you rock out to while painting?

When I create art, I love to have great music playing in the background. My favorite thing to play while painting is 80’s rock and 90’s R&B! You can’t go wrong with some good, clean, feel-good jams of the 80’s! George Michael is one of my favs!
Want to try your hand at Alluring Blossoms? Find Featured Paintings in your city by going to and clicking the “FEATURED” button on the top right.
Happy painting!
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