Paint Nite Chicago Abbey Denlinger

Featured Artist: Abbey Denlinger’s #GalaxyDreams

In case you missed it, we just launched our new monthly Exhibition paintings, and our March Exhibition is Galaxy Dreams! We spoke with Abbey Denlinger from Paint Nite Chicago about the many galaxy paintings that she’s created for Paint Nite so far.

Paint Nite Chicago Abbey Denlinger

Here’s what Abbey had to say.

Where did you get your inspiration for your galaxy paintings?

“I get a lot of my inspiration from nature, but when it comes to galaxy paintings, I get inspiration from the paint itself. My first galaxy painting started off with no intentions of it becoming anything. I just poured paint onto the canvas and started smushing it around. Eventually I realized the paint formed cloud and nebula structures, and once I added black, a galaxy came to life almost on its own!”

Which one is your favorite to paint?

“My favorite painting to paint is “Galaxy in the Pines.” It’s simple but makes an impact, and I love the teal blue color.”

galaxy painting

“Galaxy in the Pines”


Which paint colors do you find yourself using most for galaxy scenes?

“I love using teal blue and lots of black to get the best galaxy effect!”

What is one feature that you think a great galaxy painting should have?

“A great galaxy painting has lots of different sized stars. It has different clusters, patterns, and even shapes of twinkling stars. The best stars are made by thin splatter paint or using the wooden end of the brush.”

Have guests ever put a unique spin on their galaxy paintings at your events?

“A lot of guests like to add UFOs or aliens to their galaxies, but I love when guests decide to get creative with the colors and shapes of their galaxy paintings! You really can’t go wrong choosing your own colors or shapes when you’re painting the sky.”

More about Abbey:

Abbey Denlinger  is a creatively passionate human being who enjoys pouring her creative energy into multiple art forms including graphic design, digital art, traditional painting, drawing, and custom clothing. Abbey holds her architecture degree from The University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign). During school, Abbey exercised her passion for design, and currently works as a graphic designer and freelance artist. She has worked with multiple music artists, creating album and poster artwork for touring musicians and music promotional companies. As an independent artist, Abbey works as a live-painter for musical artists and events across the country and has produced art installations for multiple music festivals and events.  Abbey believes that art is a powerful tool for living, learning, and healing, and she strives to share her love of art with people in any way she can!

Check out the full March Exhibition, Galaxy Dreams, here. And see what events Abbey is hosting by visiting her artist page or find a Paint Nite event in your neighborhood.

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