Purple and White Plant Nite Terrarium

Bright Pebbles: Color Combinations We Love for Terrariums

One of the best aspects of a Plant Nite experience is that you have the opportunity to get creative with color. No two terrariums are exactly alike by the time the evening rolls to an end.

Although you choose the container and sometimes the accent (like geodes, for example) in advance, each Plant Nite event offers you a wide range of pebbles and stones in different colors and shapes.

Here are a few of our favorite color combinations to help inspire your final Plant Nite terrarium. We hope you’ll get some great ideas and share your finished planter with us by tagging #MyPlantNite on social media.

Purple and white

Purple and White Plant Nite Terrarium

We absolutely adore the crisp contrast of purple against stark white. Our amethyst adorned terrariums are even more fun because they bring in different hues of purple. Completely enchanting.

Blue and white

Blue Water Mermaid Terrarium

Many of our terrariums use various shades of blue pebbles to create beach scenes and ocean waves. Don’t forget that you can create a beach scene even without signing up for a mermaid terrarium. It’s all in the color combination.


Gold with natural stones

Gold Pebble Terrarium


Gold pebbles by themselves can sometimes feel ornate, but match them alongside natural stones and they add really take it up a notch without feeling overpowering. Plus, we love the pop of pink in this terrarium from the moss and the geode.


Turquoise with white

terrarium with turquoise pebbles


We don’t know about you, but the color turquoise always has us daydreaming about tropical coastlines. The thought alone is enough to help you feel so much more relaxed and zen. Pair turquoise pebbles with white for an extra serene escape for your office desk.


Pink, white, and blue

Pink Blue and White Terrarium

White and blue pebbles create a beach scene in this inspiring Plant Nite terrarium, but the pops of pink really make it its own. Don’t be afraid to try out a bright color. Worst case scenario, you can always change it up if you don’t love it.


Green and white

Green and White Terrariums

We LOVE stripes and see the striped look a lot at Plant Nite events. These three terrariums contrast green pebbles against white to create a striped look that is never dull. Plus, it also helps to define the space for each succulent.


Excited to start playing with color in your own terrarium? Take a look at our Plant Nite calendar for upcoming events near you!

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