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Cityscape and Skyline Paintings: Our Favorites from Around the World

There’s just something magical about a city skyline, especially in the evening when the lights glow across the sky. Whether you live downtown among the skyscrapers and landmarks or have to drive a distance to see the shining lights of the city, it’s hard to deny the mesmerizing aesthetic of a cityscape.

At Paint Nite, we host painting events across the globe. From Boston to Los Angeles to Toronto to Dallas, we love seeing friends come together to create something special. And we have to admit that there’s something truly fantastic when communities come together to paint one of our cityscape paintings.

If you haven’t painted one of our cityscapes or skyline paintings, here are our favorites. They’re a fantastic way to show your hometown pride or love for a city that you only get to visit.

Here are some of our favorite cityscapes and skyline paintings

All of these gorgeous cityscape paintings and more are available on our event calendar. Unfortunately, most of these are available only in their nearby areas, but who doesn’t like an excuse to travel? Find your favorite then hit the road—a painting makes the best souvenir to remember the perfect trip.
What’s your favorite cityscape or skyline painting? Give a shoutout in the comments below or via social media and let us know.
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