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What is a Creative Entrepreneur (and why you should join our team!)

We often have the pleasure of interviewing our Paint Nite artists to give you a behind-the-scenes of how a Paint Nite event comes to life.

Paint Nite Creative Entrepreneur

Our local artists are the core of our business. They’re the ones creating paintings, choosing locations, blasting the best music, laughing with you, and helping you get from a blank canvas to a work of art that you can be proud of. It’s an awesome job, and they’re an awesome group of people.

But there’s also another tier of the Paint Nite workforce—we call them Creative Entrepreneurs. Creative Entrepreneurs are just what the name suggests. They’re the entrepreneurs and small business owners who make up Paint Nite.

Today, we’re introducing you to Tammy Tavarone, a Paint Nite Creative Entrepreneur in Long Island, NY.

Tammy Tavarone

Meet Tammy!

Paint Nite: When did you become a Creative Entrepreneur and why?

Tammy: “Turn back the clock three years ago. It was 2014 on a cool October night. I saw this Paint Nite thing on my Groupon. I LOVED painting, and I was currently working at a restaurant.

I was so intrigued by the idea of painting in a restaurant. I didn’t really understand it, so I had to just experience it for myself. I bought tickets for my mother and I to attend an event about an hour away from my home. There were no Paint Nite events in my local area.

When I told my mother where we were going she was like WHAT? We’re painting in a bar? I don’t even know how to paint! Well, needless to say we were blown away by how fun it was. We had a blast, and our paintings were terrible compared to what we can do now. We had beers. Everything was crammed into this tiny space! Lots of laughs and the rest was history.

The very next morning I popped out of bed and decided that I was going to be a Paint Nite artist. So I jumped on and applied! I saw two tabs: one to become a Paint Nite licensee and one to become a Paint Nite artist. I just put my application through for a licensee not knowing what journey I was about to take on.

Once I learned what the licensee position was, I knew I would be the perfect fit! I have my Masters in Education, and at the time I was serving tables at TGI FRIDAYS for about six years. Finding a teaching job is nearly impossible here in Long Island. But I had an ah-ha moment where I said to myself: “Just go for it. You have nothing to lose.”

Everything that I was doing at that current time set me up for what I was about to embark on. I was a certified teacher, a server, an artist, and I had a passion to work with people. All of those things collided together for me and became the LOVE of my LIFE…Paint Nite!

People ask me now, “what did you do before Paint Nite?” My favorite thing to say is, “Well I went to school to be a elementary teacher, but instead I teach women how to paint while they get buzzed. It’s pretty much the same thing!” (Always gets a good laugh)

Paint Nite Team Tavarone wine glasses
Flash forward to now, I have built a Paint Nite empire here in Long Island. My mother is one of my Paint Nite artists (Debbie Tavarone); she works about three to four days a week. We still love it just as much as we did three years ago.

Never in my life did I think that this would launch off my career as an entrepreneur. Paint Nite has inspired me and shown me that I don’t even need my fancy $200,000 college degree to “make it”—I made it on my own!

I am always open to opportunities and possibilities now as my own business owner. I think that Paint Nite has put me on the path to always lead my own way. And I’m taking along some great people for the ride! Being a business owner has its ups and downs, but Paint Nite has been such a fun company to learn and experience what its all about!

PN: What are your markets?

Tammy: I run Paint Nite Long Island, Paint Nite New Jersey, and Plant Nite Long Island.

Paint Nite Team Tavarone Long Island

PN: How many artists are on your team?

Tammy: I have around 20 artists between all my territories, but I think that is actually a small number compared to other markets.

I have about ten artists who do Paint Nite/Plant Nite full-time. Meaning that they only work for me! All of my staff have been with me since day one. They all love what they do so much. We have become a family, and we have only lost a few along the way.

Plant Nite Team Tavarone
I try to create a fun work environment for all. This year for our christmas party, I took them in a party bus to NYC to see the Radio City Rockettes! Without my team, #TeamTavarone would be nothing!

PN: What makes #TeamTavarone Paint Nite events different?

Tammy: #TeamTavarone is more than just a group of artists that work for Paint Nite. We are a family that is bound together by a paint brush and an opportunity to make a huge impact on the customers that we encounter everyday.

I couldn’t narrow down just one reason why they are different, so I asked my team this question and here were their responses. They are my front line and my everything so who’s better to answer this question then them.

Renae Peita: “Fun loving artists who are supportive of newbies & encourage creativity…..a good booty shaking soundtrack leads to dance parties too!”

Jessica Viscoso: “We enjoy creating relationships with our guests—we quickly turn first timers into #teamtavarone groupies! Our rewards program allows our guests to stay connected to us by not only earning rewards, but also by sharing their pictures from events and chatting with us about their experiences with our staff! We get on a first name basis with many of our guests and treat them like our own family—that is the #teamtavarone experience!”

Samantha Bonacorsa: “I think it’s just that we all gravitated towards Paint Nite with the same intention, to connect with people through the power of art. And in turn it connected us as a team. I feel like our customers can genuinely feel our love and passion for what we do, and it translates into more than just learning to paint a picture. It’s a more enriching experience 

Melissa Kiesecker: “I would say it’s because we all really love our jobs and not just because it’s fun and we get to paint for a living but we also love connecting with our guests and having a great time with them. I love when someone asks me about team Tavarone, I just go on and on about how i have made amazing friends and how each artist is different and amazing in their own way but always FUN!!  I feel like we are like the crossfit of Paint Nite lmao #obsessed #igotareallybigteam

Lorraine Perez: “I think what separates us is that we are all actually having FUN and truly operate as one solid, consistent, talented TEAM! I don’t like to call my regulars “groupies.” If you’ve painted that often with me, then you become my friend! That connection, along with just being yourself; offering the best of you, not only as an artist, photographer and DJ but, as a person, is what keeps people coming back!”

Debbie Tavarone: “For me, your mom, the oldest one of the group, I feel like I connect with the older crowd. I take them out of their comfort zone and show them that it’s really okay to have fun in your fifties to have a drink to laugh with your friends to have a social life. I love to make people smile. In a two hour show I like to make people forget about their reality and just have fun you never know when somebody is sick or unhappy or lonely so for those two hours they don’t need to worry about any of those things when they come to a team tavarone event. The bond we all have working at #teamtavarone is not like any other team out there we are all here to help each other. And I am so proud to say that I am Mama Tavarone.”

Amanda Burns: “I love helping people realize their full potential, or break down their self inflicted limitations. I also love how sometimes I’m a therapist too! I know it’s never really about the painting, so I try to connect to the person. I can’t tell you how much we’ve painted over pain and sorrows; those are happy little trees now.”

Want to find out more about being a Paint Nite Creative Entrepreneur? We’d love to hear from you. Come join our team!
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