Paint Nite Candle Canvas

Creative Fundraising Products For Your Paint Nite Fundraiser

Paint Nite fundraisers are a great way to get creative and give back to a cause close to your heart. For every ticket sold to your fundraiser, $15 is donated back to your cause!

Looking for a way to raise even more? JustFundraising has developed these unique and easy fundraising ideas to complement your fundraiser!

Creative Ways to Fundraise with Paint Nite

At your next Paint Nite event, consider complementing your night of creativity, by selling some fun and innovative fundraising products. Every sale means more profit for your cause and you can continue the sales well beyond your Paint Nite event.

Here are just a few fundraising ideas.

Awareness Ribbon, Rose, and Heart Chocolate Pops

These delicious milk chocolate pops, reflect the purpose of your evening, reminding your attendees that their evening of creativity is also benefiting your important cause. You may choose to sell them in bundles of 5 or 10 pops (at $5 or $10 respectively), or include them as part of the bundled evening package, or as a thank-you for attending.

These milk chocolate pops come in three charity-themed shapes – awareness ribbons, roses and hearts.

Pretzel Rods and Twists

These have definitely broken the mold of the traditional candy bar fundraiser. The ingenious combination of mixing bright colors, sweet and salty ingredients, with the ever popular pretzel shape, has resulted in an artistic delight that could even capture the attention of the Mona Lisa.

Why not pair them with the perfect wine, or sell these addictive treats at your Paint Nite fundraiser, to raise even more for your cause?

Scented Candles

The popularity of candles just increased a few notches with the Quote Candle fundraiser. Each scented candle is labeled with its own unique, inspirational quote. It makes it a perfect gift item for a friend or family member around Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter, or truly any time of the year.

Paint Nite Candle Canvas

Why not generate more funds for your non-profit with an original candle fundraiser at your next Paint Nite event?

Scratch Off Cards

Scratch cards are another original (and highly profitable) way to engage your fellow painters. You’ll notice that after a glass of wine (or two), they’ll really enjoy the scratch off concept even more. Every time they scratch, they reveal a donation between 50 cents and $3. They can scratch as many times as their generous hearts feel, and in return for their donation, you’ll reward them with a full coupon sheet that has over $50 in exclusive savings. Talk about a win-win that’ll paint a smile on everyone’s face!

So for your next Paint Nite fundraiser, consider pairing it with sales of an original fundraising item, to generate even more for your fabulous cause.

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