7 creative hacks for your Paint Nite paintings

So you went to Paint Nite: you painted, you drank, you laughed (and it was awesome!). Maybe you went again…and again. And now you have a bunch of paintings and you’re not quite sure what to do with all of them.

We’ve got your back. While you can certainly create your own painting gallery wall, sometimes you want to get even more creative. So, we had our team come up with their favorite Paint Nite painting hacks to give you some inspiration.

1. introduce some characters

Print out photos, grab some Modge Podge (or just white school glue), and in just a few minutes, your painting can turn into something completely different. We opted for a T-Rex and the cast of Lord of the Rings to give these paintings a magical makeover.

Nothing says quiet street like a T-Rex


This forest really was asking for the cast of LOTR to show up, don’t you think?

2. just add keys

Constantly losing your keys? Grab some hooks and nail them into the wooden frame of your painting. Hang it up near the door and you’ll be ready to go without having to hunt for keys.

painting with keys

3. be wordy

Leave notes for roommates, your S.O., family members, or yourself with this handy cork and note board. You can grab these stick-on foam and cork board pieces for just a few dollars at Target or cut out your own from larger pieces. Just add some fun push-pins and notes.

Painting message board

4. cut and paste

We don’t normally suggest cutting up your painting, but in this case, it’s pretty cool to reuse in a different way. Cut out the canvas from your painting and you can glue it to a tote bag, a pillow case…just about anything. We think this bag is perfect for carrying bottles of wine over to a friend’s house.

wine caddy bag with a painting

5. light it up

Adding lights to all of those starry nite paintings can really take them to the next level. We used LED “fairy lights” to give this painting a pop, but you can choose whatever works best for you. Just poke holes in the painting where you want the stars to go and pull the bulb through. Hang it up and you’re ready to impress.

Add lights to your painting to make it dazzle

Add lights to your painting to make it dazzle

Tada! Insta-starry sky.

6. fabric and ribbon

We always want to see your paintings hanging proudly on your wall, but sometimes covering one of them up with a fun fabric is a great way to display photos, memos, and more. Have a holiday painting, but it’s March? Give this a try until Christmas rolls around. Then you can quickly take off the fabric and show off your painting again. We added fabric and ribbon with thumb tacks. These can be easily removed whenever you’d like.

painting photo board

7. make it 3D

Add feathers, rhinestones, Washi tape, beads…anything. Making your painting 3D adds appeal and interest. Look how cool this one turned out!

Make your painting 3D by adding enhancements

Make your painting 3D by adding enhancements


Make your painting 3D by adding enhancements


Have you done something creative with your Paint Nite paintings? Let us know in the comments. Inspired? Find a Paint Nite event in your neighborhood.

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  • Susan Thomas says:

    I donate my paintings to animal rescues so they can use them in auctions to raise money to provide care for rescued dogs. One of my paintings actually sold in auction for $70 I was so happy it raised that much money for the rescue!

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Love this idea, Susan! Thanks for sharing. – Katie

    • Brenda Stewart says:

      Wonderful idea!! Thanks for suggestion!!
      💛 Brenda 💛

    • Roxy says:

      Awesome Susan!!!

    • Brenda Cash says:

      Sadly, I only think people would laugh at mine. My Mom has all the artist talent in my family. LOL

    • Amanda says:

      WOW!! What a great idea!!!!!
      I paint on a regular basis anyway and never know what to do with the art later because I can’t fill my walls with it! This is an amazing way to have fun AND help a cause! Also, the instructors paint a painting as well during every single class. When I went to W&D, they had a table FULL of paintings and we played a game during the intermission, the winner got to pick an instructor painting. There must have been 40-60 on the table. it was their way of getting rid of them. I should suggest this to them next time I go!

      • Katie Fawkes says:

        Thanks for the note, Amanda. We love the idea of a game with instructor paintings as prizes. I’ll pass this information along to our team.

      • Nancy says:

        Hi Amanda,
        I like the idea of donating my paintings. What is “W&D”? I am not familiar. Thanks!

    • Linda says:

      That is an awesome idea!!! Mine are just sitting on the floor in my dining room. They really don’t match my home/walls/decor. I just love going and doing them. I will look into donating them!

  • Lori says:

    Paint over them! Worst painting I ever did in my lifetime.

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, Lori. If you email us at blog@paintnite.com we’d love to give you two free tickets to an upcoming Paint Nite event so we can show you how fun our events can be. – Katie

      • Tanya says:

        I’d love to go to an outdoor paint night, say on a rooftop patio or in a park, (Vancouver)

        Plus I’d love free tickets
        Wink wink 😉

      • Tanya says:

        I’d love to go to an outdoor paint night, say on a rooftop patio or in a park, (Vancouver)

        One sad thing happened on my paint 🎨 night, I spilled my FULL glass of wine- reaching for paint/brush (was a bit crowded)
        So sad 😭 would have made my night if restaurant took it off my bill, but other than that We had such a great night!!! I could have just painted circles all night and I would have been happy was so relaxing 😎 really needed that Thankyou

        Saw you gave a complainer,
        free tickets, re: worse painting they ever painted 🙄 Omg
        I’d Love😍Free tickets!!!
        Who wouldn’t😉Wink wink

        • Katie Fawkes says:

          Thanks for the note, Tanya. Email us at blog@paintnite.com and we’ll chat 😉

          • Angela Burgess says:

            My waitress spilled a beer on my painting and then they tried to charge me for it lol 😂

        • PriVilla says:

          Tanya, sorry to hear about the wine. Yes, i wish they’d put a bit more room between people, understand that the event place dictates the room available but i ended up getting paint all over my jacket when i was trying to get out of the booth i was in, for break time. fortunately met some really nice ladies that helped me get it off, you can barely tell it’s there now. i leave it as my “paint” jacket, only have to learn that lesson once!

          • Katie Fawkes says:

            Thank you for sending along the feedback. I’ll definitely pass this along to the rest of the team.

  • Theresa Kopecky says:

    Really really great ideas!!!! <3

  • Raymond Irwin says:

    Love paintnite at the Tasting Room Fresno Ca .

  • Debbie says:

    Fun times at prairie firehouse,,,,,but when held upstairs it is far to dark,,,,,,,

  • ileana says:

    i put one of my paintings behind the glass of my 20 gallon fish tank…….as background….just had to cut a piece of the frame to fit around the filter

  • Gina says:

    Hi, is this the woman i brought the canvas’s to and left them for you on ur patio? You gave me your card but i misplaced it! I’ve been hoping to come across it to contact you because I really want to do this!!!

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Gina,
      I don’t believe so. This is the corporate blog for Paint Nite and Plant Nite. Thanks for the note though. You can always find an event at either PaintNite.com and PlantNite.com.

  • Pauline says:

    I donate mine to grouo homes for developmentally disabled so the individuals can hang in their room.

  • I wish there was a chance to reschedule if an emergency pops up last minute as tickets are not too cheap.
    My son became sick as my husband and I were getting ready to go so we had to miss out.
    So disappointed

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Lindsay,
      We’ll have a team member email you to get this sorted out. Thanks!

      • Cheryl Castro says:

        This happened to me last November when my husband and I missed paintnite due to my sudden vertigo. But when I emailed about it, I was told nothing can be done. Not too fun when you’re vomiting, the room is spinning and you’re out 💰

        • Katie Fawkes says:

          That sounds awful, Cheryl. I’m sorry to hear you were so ill.

          • Cheryl says:

            Thanks Katie. It would be nice if you had consistency in your policy though especially when it comes to unexpected illness. We enjoy paint nite and hope to have the opportunity to do it again.

          • Katie Fawkes says:

            Thanks for the note, Cheryl. I’ll pass this insight along to the team.

  • Dyanne says:

    Paint over it and start over again.
    I was so upset with mine. I had trouble seeing the instructor cause of wear I was sitting and the windows were behind her and the sun was beaming in. So disappointing 🙁

    • did you ever think of moving and getting up? When I did a paint nite I got up a lot to get up and see what I was supposed to be paining.

    • Nicole says:

      I’ve been to several Paint Nite’s and absolutely love them! Sometimes depending on the venue, it’s a bit difficult to see. Although most instructors usually walk around and gives everyone a chance to see what they’re doing. One trick I do, is before the class starts I will take a picture of the painting with my phone, so while I’m at my seat I can always look at my phone picture for inspiration.

  • Jennifer says:

    These are all GREAT ideas! I love the idea of donating them too. Most of the painting just dont go with my decor, which I why I’ve never participated, but really want to. They are so pretty. Thanks for sharing this blog!

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Thanks for the note, Jennifer! We have a painting library of over 1000 paintings, so hopefully we’ll post one soon that piques your interest 🙂

    • Carrie says:

      I went to a paint nite in Vancouver WA. Our instructor said we could follow along OR paint what ever we wanted. Perhaps you have your own idea. The colors certainly aren’t written in stone.

  • I cut the canvas’ up and create tote bags out of the whole thing then fill them with items the homeless need and donate them to my local shelter.

  • Wanda Vernon says:

    I especially love the idea of the fairy lights twinkling in the sky! I’ve done a few paintings I wasn’t impressed with the outcome, but I keep trying!

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Thanks for the note, Wanda. I’m sure your paintings are better than you think. We appreciate you reading the blog 🙂

  • Janet says:

    These ideas are great. Can you tell us how to add painting images to notecards, cups, t-shirts, etc?

  • Colleen says:

    Would be great if there were more artist instructors in my area. After 6 paint nite events with the same artist it’s gotten old. She seems to be more interested in her drinks than in helping attendees get more than the bare minimum out of their painting.

  • Mary-Jo says:

    I love doing this – but the venue really has to be checked out to make sure the lighting is sufficient! For all the seats. The last one I went to I sat with my phone’s flashlight on practically the whole time. Several of the event pictures taken there even show me holding the light onto the canvas. It was so frustrating! I have three of them hanging up, because I love doing this – but I still get irked every time I look at that one and think about that pain in the butt evening. I couldn’t eat or drink because one hand holding phone light all the time. UGH!

  • Laurie says:

    I added a couple of shells and a small starfish to a beach scene!

  • Wendy says:

    I am not happy the way my second paint Nite Painting came out, is there a way you can paint over some of it. I went t Michael’s and acrylic paint was a tad expensive.

  • sandra says:

    Je fais des peintures personnalisées & fabrique mes cadres & les décors moi même pour plus d’originalité, ça fait des super cadeaux pour les amis ou la famille !!

  • H says:

    I don’t lose keys they steal them get it right

  • Old Customer says:

    There are two instructors of paint nite in my area. One is good and fun, and the other one, well she just copies everything the other does. same stories, same everything. Really lame. They also hardly do any thing during the summer, they don’t pick great paintings and I have been spending all my paint dollars with a new company. I tried giving honest feedback in a survey like they suggested and no one ever responded to me and nothing changed. I even let the company know how undeserved the community here was and how ripe it was for someone who was really willing to put time in. not my circus not my monkeys. At least there are other options. Still I liked being able to get dinner with my painting.

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi, thank you so much for sending your feedback we are always looking for ways to make our events more fun and interesting. We schedule fewer events in the summer because tickets don’t sell as well everyone is out traveling and soaking up the sun. Once fall is upon us there will be more events and more paintings to choose from. We would love for you to give us another chance. I have sent 2 complimentary tickets to your email address listed here desireempalmer@gmail.com.

      • Same says:

        Thanks for putting my email address out there for everyone -it specifically said it wouldnt be published and is my name… keep your tickets

  • Libby Rood says:

    I added “The Roods, est. 2013” to one, sprayed sealer on it, and hung it on the front porch. When it starts to wear, I can rotate another one out and schedule another Paint Nite. Love the experience.

  • Ailaunie says:

    I really love some of the ideas shown, especially the fairy lights! Hmmmmm LOL I noted the comment re less classes in summer and was happy to hear that. I had sent a message previously asking why in my area the classes are few and far between. I did not get a reply. When Paint Nite first arrived in my area, there were 2 locations convenient to me and usually 2 evenings each week in each location. I therefore had 4 different evenings and paintings to choose from each week. It was great. Hope things pick up in the Fall as it was a very popular evening out. So far, I believe I’ve done over 20 pictures. 🙂

  • Ailaunie says:

    Thanks for showing some excellent ideas to personalize my paintings. I believe I’ve painted over 20 paintings so far. Some are on display and some are being further worked on at home. I noticed in the comments that there was mention made of less paint nites in the summer and was happy to hear this. I sent a message asking why there seemed to only be 1 or 2 classes each week. Previously, from the 2 locations close to me, I could choose from 4 paintings – 2 per locations. I received a 50% off coupon for one year of being involved in Paint Nite and could not take advantage of it, because the 1 or 2 paintings offered in the time limit of the coupon were not topics I wanted to paint. I did not receive a reply so assumed that Paint Nite was not pursuing my areas anymore and couldn’t understand why not, as the classes were mostly full. Hope to see Paint Nite in the Fall.

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Ailaunie,
      Wow! Thank you so much for all of your support over the years. You should send along a photo of all of your paintings. We’d love to see them. I’ve emailed you with more information regarding Paint Nite events. Thanks again for reaching out.

  • Angela Burgess says:

    Last time I went to a paint nite, one of the waitresses spilled a beer (I wasn’t even drinking) on my painting and ruined it. The instructor tried to help but wasn’t able to and the waitress just disappeared, I had to find out from my friend who saw it happen while I was in the bathroom. Ruined my experience. I’ll just paint at home from now on where there’s no people to ruin my perfectionism lol

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Angela,
      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience. We’d love for you to give us another try. I’ll email you.


  • Barb says:

    you can remove the canvas from the frame and make a lamp shade out of it. no need to put them all on the wall. I had so much fun at my first paintnite but am having a hard time finding any on Fridays and Saturdays in my area. So sad! I wanted to take my friends.

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Barb,
      Amazing idea! We’ll have to give it a try 🙂 And I’ll be sure to pass along your feedback to the team about more weekend events.

  • Christine says:

    Looking for a paint night to join ,would be two of us ,needs to be before end of September

  • Juanita Caovilla says:

    Hi, My husband and attend a couple of paint nites, one of them was painting half a picture each so we could hang both paintings side by side. I would like to see more choices like that! I do really like some of the ideas listed on this blog. I especially like the idea of sealing it and hanging it outside!

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Thanks for the note, Juanita! We love partner paintings too. We’ll be sure to pass this information along to our artists.

  • Iris says:

    I’ve been to 6 PaintNites in a variety of venues, in and around Greater Vancouver, and have always had a great experience. I’ve gone with girlfriends, my son, my sister & Mom and we’ve always had a fun night out. The instructors were all very accommodating; all you need to do is ask for assistance, more paint and even a helping hand if needed. My specialty has always been stick men in the past and now, with some instruction and the confidence to find my inner Picasso, I come home with what I describe as “one of a kind”. When my 84 y.o.Mom is finished with “her” creative take on the image displayed, we tell her that one day, someone in the family will be fighting for it. I look forward to my next evening out at PaintNite with …… someone that wants to find their inner Picasso. Thanks!

  • Robin N says:

    Love PaintNite! Started painting on my own after the first one I attended and haven’t stopped since. They made me realize I was able to do it. I call my collection The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! Not all come out great but I keep learning and doing. Better than meditating.

  • Shirlee Brindle says:

    It appears I need to try this again. I see where they now are closer so Uber is the ride of choice. West Seattle is a bar without an Ice machine. Don’t need to drink much but C O L D is not an option but a must! Picture was fun and learned how to manage space, my biggest fault! Do we have to bring a person with? Looking forward to Renton paint nite.

    • Katie Fawkes says:

      Hi Shirlee,
      Hope to see you at an upcoming Paint Nite event. Yes, you can definitely always grab a ride via Uber or Lyft. Our events are in bars and restaurants across the country. No, you do not need to bring anyone with you. You can come alone or bring as many people as you’d like 🙂 Each person needs their own ticket.

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