Creative Horoscope: Cancer

Happy birthday, Cancer! This is a creative horoscope just for you.

You’re emotional, loyal, tenacious, imaginative, and persuasive. You’re one of the hardest signs to get to know, but when you get close to someone, you quickly become attached. You take helping loved ones very seriously (especially mom) and tend to feel very empathetic to others’ pain and suffering.

Your sign is water and your ruler is the Moon. At the center of your life is your emotion and heart, which is why you may have a hard time assimilating to the world around you at times. You’re most happy and find peace when surrounded by a loving family or friends.

Cancers are known for having a fond appreciation of art and home-based hobbies—but let’s switch things up and move those hobbies to the bar!

Here are our picks for your perfect Paint Nite and Plant Nite. Check out the paintings and terrariums we chose for you, and then grab your group and celebrate your birthday with cocktails, creativity, and conversation.

We’ll start with Paint Nite:

Sunset by the Dock by Leah Wilder


Because it’s a water sign, Cancer loves relaxing near or in water. Bring the dock indoors and hang this on your wall to keep the feeling around you at all times.


Beach Moonlight by Tammy Tavarone


Your ruler is the Moon, and what better way is there to pay homage than by painting it in it’s fullest form—plus, that gorgeous ocean water acting as a mirror is an added bonus.


You & Me by Shannon Chiba


Capture your adoration of loved ones with this metaphorically beautiful scene. The animal kingdom has really nailed the “shoulder to cry on” technique.

Taking care of a terrarium full of living plants is the perfect home-based hobby, and it’s the product of an awesome bar-based nite out, too. Here are our Plant Nite picks for you.

“River Retreat” by Laurie Birdwell


Water is your elixir, and even though this water is technically rock, it sure would look good on your counter. It’s water you have to water occasionally!


“Rose Garden in Rustic Drawer” by Jennifer Montoya


Your favorite color is said to be white, so this little drawer serves as the perfect foundation for your plant-based zodiac creation.


Not a Cancer? No worries! When your birthday comes around, we’ll have your sign’s creative horoscope ready for you. For now, make sure you wish a happy birthday to your favorite Cancer.

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  • Patsy says:

    This is the first horoscope I’ve read in a long time that was SO right on the money I had to laugh. To start with I am an empath and I find it very hard to not be back on the coast (where I live there is a creek and a couple of ponds) Thank you, I enjoyed this immensely because it isn’t full of the drivel that could apply to anyone….well done!

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