Creative Horoscope: Leo

Happy birthday, Leo! Because you’re naturally creative, you’ll love this creative horoscope made just for you.

The Leo is passionate, generous, and always cheerful. You’re a born leader with lots of confidence and a dramatic side to match. You love to have a good time, especially with friends, and you’re known for your warm-hearted ways. Your natural bravery and fearlessness comes from the lion—you’re never afraid to roar!

Take a look at our picks for your perfect Paint Nite and Plant Nite, then plan a birthday nite out as creative as you are!

Harness your inner lion with Majesty, by Vera Malitskaya. We love the bright colors and fire-like mane on this king of the jungle.

Majesty lion painting

You’re ruled by the sun Leo, so we thought a sunset painting would be perfect for you. You’re drawn to bright colors, and this gorgeous Tahitian Sunset, by Steve Wozniak, is full of them.

Tahitian Sunset

As a Leo, you’re incredibly generous—but that doesn’t mean you don’t like to spoil yourself as well. You absolutely love expensive things, so we think you’ll love painting Shine Bright Like a Diamond by Stephanie Chambers.

Woman with diamonds painting

On to Plant Nite! Lions need a cozy den, and you’re no different. You love to nest, which means you’ll love creating terrariums you can take home and decorate with.

You’re ruled by the sun and you love bright colors, so we know you’ll be all about this summer-y flamingo and pineapple terrarium.

Flamingo and pineapple terrarium

This next terrarium plays to your love of expensive things. The rose quartz stone looks like jewelry and the gold rocks make it feel even more elegant.

Rose quartz terrarium

Lions live in the jungle, and we think this lush terrarium looks just like one. Go ahead and bring a little Leo lion home.

Lush jungle terrarium

There you have it, Leo. Unleash your creative lion with a party at Paint Nite or Plant Nite!

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