Creative Horoscope: Libra

Happy birthday, Libra! You’re a social butterfly who’s cooperative, gracious, and fair-minded. It’s your love of all things social that makes you slightly uncomfortable being alone and helps you treasure meaningful partnerships. You like good books and the great outdoors, and dislike loudmouths and violence.

You’re an Air sign which means you maintain a strong intellect and keen mind. You’re dedicated to justice, harmony, and balance—hence the scale in your sign’s symbol.

We’ve rounded up the perfect Paint Nite paintings and Plant Nite projects for Libras to try—just remember a creative nite out is all about that highly social fun that you crave so much.

Here are our picks for Paint Nite paintings

Your love of the great outdoors combined with the colors of your birth-season makes Views in Autumn by Emily Vecchiarelli a no brainer.

Paint Nite Views in Autumn Painting


You’re an Air sign, so take flight and embrace it with Fly To Neverland by Christian Elder. But, please don’t try this at home.

Paint Nite Fly to Neverland Painting


Express your dedication to balance with Love on the Rocks by Gregory Copploe. And don’t worry, achieving “balance” on canvas is far easier than it is with rocks.

Paint Nite Love on the Rocks Painting


On to Plant Nite!

Encore! Balance, harmony, and rocks make a comeback at Plant Nite with this Yin Yang Terrarium by Gregory Copploe.



Pink and green are your go-to colors—play in the sand and blend them both with Air Plant Terrarium in Glass Slope Bowl by Lindsay Webber.

Plant Nite Air Plant Terrarium in Glass Slope Bowl Terrarium


There’s all for now, Libras! All that’s left to do now is call you friends and book a Paint Nite or Plant Nite event for your birthday!

Happy birthday!

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