creative horoscope: Pisces

Happy birthday, Pisces! You’re known for your wise ways, endless tolerance, generosity, compassion, and selflessness. A Pisces person is born with a love for music and romance, and an intuitive spirit. You’re a water sign with a big heart and an even bigger artistic inclination.

Today, we’re paying homage to your artsy side with our picks for your perfect Paint Nite and Plant Nite. Check out the paintings and terrariums we chose for you, and then grab your group and celebrate your birthday with cocktails, creativity, and conversation.

You always appreciate romance, Pisces. Indulge your mushy-love-stuff side with Weather the Weather Together by Paint Nite artist Shannon Chiba.

Romantic painting

Because you’re a water sign, we thought you’d appreciate our perpetually popular Sea Turtle painting by Kristina Elizabeth.

Sea turtle Paint Nite painting

And to indulge your love of music, we chose Music in Color by Meghann Mcgehee. Don’t you just love the bright hues?

Music in Color painting

Our first Plant Nite pick for you, Pisces, features a butterfly inspired by your gentle nature. We also love that this terrarium reminds us that spring is juuuust around the corner.

butterfly terrarium

Valentine’s Day may be over, but you’re romantic all through the year, Pisces. We know you’ll fall in love with this terrarium that’s full of heart(s).

heart terrarium

Finally, we’re paying homage to your astrological symbol, the fish. This beautiful golden bowl reminds us of shimmering scales beneath the water.

terrarium in gold bowl

That’s it! You can celebrate your birthday creatively at Paint Nite or Plant Nite, and check the event calendar to see if these picks are in your area. Not a Pisces? Check back near your birthday to see our creative picks for you.


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  • Dianne Way says:

    Hi I am so interested in a Paint Nite, somewhere is Barrie, would be preferable for me. Can you give me a schedule so that I can pick a nite to find a few Friends to join me? This is so exciting can’t wait to start!

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