Taurus Creative Horoscope

creative horoscope: Taurus

Happy birthday, Taurus—it’s time for your creative horoscope! Reliable, practical, devoted, and responsible, you’ll chase down success until you catch it (and you won’t let anyone or anything get in your way). You’re an Earth sign and you always surround yourself with love and beauty.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, symbolizing love, attraction, beauty, satisfaction, creativity, and gratitude. Taurus are often excellent cooks, lovers, artists, and gardeners—and today, we’ve got a couple of ideas for unleashing those last two!

Here are our picks for your perfect Paint Nite and Plant Nite. Check out the paintings and terrariums we chose for you, and then grab your group and celebrate your birthday with cocktails, creativity, and conversation.

Mountains at Sunset by Katie Husak

Mountains at Sunset Painting

Being an Earth sign, Taurus have an above average appreciation of natural beauty. This alpine aesthetic brings above average to new heights. Capture nature’s beauty with this pristine painting.

Hey, Hey, Hydrangeas by Diana Prusik

Hey, Hey, Hydrangeas Painting

Cultivate your favorite colors! Green and pink are the colors primarily associated with Taurus, and they’re both in full bloom in this painting.

Penelope by Andrea Soto

Penelope Painting

Taurus are also known for having lavish spending habits and loving high-quality clothing, so the gorgeous dress in this stunning painting may catch your eye.

On to Plant Nite…

Herb Garden in Tin Tub with Chalkboard Picks

Herb Garden in Tin Tub with Chalkboard Picks

We’re commingling your love of cooking and gardening with this planter. And for some culinary creativity, check out this blog post, where we put some herbs to the test in the kitchen.

Succulent Garden in Chalkboard Planter

Succulent Garden in Chalkboard Planter

Don’t be afraid to express your affinity for love by inscribing this chalkboard planter with whatever you feel deep down.

Not a Taurus? No worries! When your birthday comes around, we’ll have your sign’s creative horoscope ready for you. For now, make sure you wish a happy birthday to your favorite Taurus.

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