Creative Horoscope: Virgo

Creative Horoscope: Virgo

Happy birthday, Virgo! You’re known to be a perfectionist who’s hardworking, practical, and always organized. But there’s more to a Virgo than an obsession with order. Virgos are loyal friends with kind hearts and a witty sense of humor.

This analytical Earth sign is easily excited as they feel as if they’re experiencing everything for the first time. We’ve rounded up the Paint Nite paintings and Plant Nite projects perfect for Virgos to try—just remember a creative nite out is all about fun, you perfectionist you.

First up, Paint Nite paintings! You work so hard, Virgo—we think you need to relax a little! Zen out as you paint Sailing In a Dream by Kristina Elizabeth. The drifting clouds and soft colors will make you want to climb into bed and never leave.

Sailing In a Dream painting

You’re an Earth sign Virgo, so we know you’ll enjoy painting Stone Earth Goddess by Kaylee Rose. It’s such a unique painting!

Stone Earth Goddess painting

Your birthday is right near the beginning of fall, which means you love bright foliage and crisp weather. Paint A Walk in the Woods by Doug Borton to celebrate the changing season.

A Walk in the Park painting

On to Plant Nite! This citrine crystal terrarium is ideal for you Virgos, as citrine is a powerful crystal for manifestation and can assist you in achieving your lofty goals (in case all that hard work isn’t quite enough).

Citrine Crystal Terrarium

Our simple herb garden is perfect for you Virgos—the fresh soil and green herbs speak to your Earth sign. Bonus: Just place it in your kitchen windowsill for fresh herbs whenever you need them.

Herb garden

Finally, we chose this intricate sand art terrarium to put your perfectionism to the test. As a Virgo, you won’t stop until you get the sand pattern juuuuust right!

Sand art

There you have it, Virgo! All that’s left to do now is call you friends and book a Paint Nite or Plant Nite event for your birthday!

Happy birthday!

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