DIY and Disconnect: Build a Living Wall

Plants make us happy, and so does finding a way to surround ourselves with them at all times. After filling our offices and homes with numerous plants, we started to run out of space. It was a calamity! We needed to think of a new way to get our fill of green, but conserve space.

Suddenly, it dawned on us that we had a shortage of floor and counter space, but a plethora of wall space… bingo! Let’s hang the plants on the wall. Let’s build a living wall.

Building a living wall is a little more complex than some of our other DIY and Disconnect projects, but the final results will have you super impressed with yourself. So, let’s get growing! You can do it.

Step one: materials

We did our research and found that a trip to Ikea would help us get just what we need. While there, we discovered Fintorp, a series of rods, hooks, and containers – perfect! We bought enough for our entire office to participate in planting, and then ran by the hardware store to get wall anchors and bevel head screws.

Step two: assemble

Once you have your rods, screws, hooks, and buckets, it is time to assemble the living wall. Using a level, map out where your plants will sit on the wall. Remember to leave enough room between the rods for the pots and plants to hang!

It is recommended that you do not install this alone. It is always a good practice to have a friend there to spot your ladder, hand you tools, and help you brainstorm if you get stumped. If you’ve ever followed Ikea instructions before, then I am sure you know how tricky they can be! You can read the full Fintorp instruction manual here.

Step three: plant!

Once your wall is assembled, take down the pots and get them ready to plant! We used indoor plants like ivy, succulents, and cacti in order to keep our wall low-maintenance.

Set up a station with all the plants….

…and a station with pots of dirt!

Then, invite your coworkers to choose a plant (or two) and exercise their green thumbs. Our colleagues had a great time laughing and planting together and it gave our whole team ownership over this special space. Team building win!

Reminder: This can get messy! Put down some plastic drop clothes to keep your space clean.

Step four: hang and enjoy

That’s it! Now, hang your pots on the rods and enjoy. You have a low-maintenance and beautiful addition to your space. We couldn’t be happier with ours.

Cheers – happy growing!

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