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DIY and Disconnect: Galaxy Sneakers

For this week’s DIY and Disconnect (galaxy sneakers — they’re so cool!), we looked to our very own Chris McMillion. He’s kind of a big deal when it comes to painting on sneakers.

Chris McMillion is our Paint Nite Community Coordinator here at Paint Nite HQ. He’s also the artist behind Poppin Soles, and is passionate about art, fashion, pop culture, and entrepreneurship. He’s spent a large part of his life drawing and painting, and started painting on t-shirts and Converse right before his freshman year at the University of Albany.
Most of his designs are based on music, movies, video games, and Japan. He received his degree in Japanese, and he draws a lot of inspiration from the culture and country, where he lived for a year. He’s currently based in Boston.

You can see more of his work, order your own Poppin Soles, or learn more here:
Given that Chris is the sneaker king, we thought he could show us some tips and tricks. Follow along below to learn how to make your own galaxy-inspired kicks. They’re easier than you think and make a great addition to your shoe collection.


galaxy sneakers materials

For this DIY, you will need:

  • Black sneakers
  • Sponges
  • Paints of varying blue, purple, and white
  • Masking tape
  • Toothbrush

Step one: prep

First, tape the soles of your sneakers with masking tape to avoid the soles getting paint on them. We used blue masking tape, but really any kind of masking or painter’s tape would work fine here.

Step two: paint!

Using a sponge, slowly dab on some colors, alternating until you have the galactic backdrop of your far-far-away dreams. Chris started dark (blues and purples) and went lighter. Don’t forget that you can always blend colors. We mixed plum with white to get a gorgeous lilac.

Step three: splatter

Finally, use that toothbrush to splatter white onto the sneakers to create stars! Fun trick, right? You can also use the bottom (non-bristled) side of the toothbrush to dab on some stars. There’s no wrong answer.

Step four: enjoy!

galaxy sneakers

Now, just kick back and enjoy!

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