Plant Nite Macrame Hanging Planter

DIY and Disconnect: Macrame Plant Hanger

Ah, macrame. The art of tying knots decoratively. Macrame has become incredibly popular again and is showing up in all sorts of DIY projects. We thought we’d test our knot-tying skills out on a plant hanger that you can make yourself and use to proudly show off your favorite plants. We chose an aloe plant, but feel free to hang your Plant Nite terrarium or any other plant.

Full disclosure: This project did take us a few times to master, so if you’re finding it tricky, grab a cocktail and come back to it. You’ll get there. We promise.

Look how pretty!

Plant Nite Macrame Hanging Planter


For this project, you’ll need:

  • Jersey knit fabric or rope (preferably in a fun color…because #reasons)
  • Scissors
  • Potted plant
  • Hook screw

Step one: grab those scissors and cut strips

Macrame cutting fabric

Cut eight strips of fabric and lay them all out. Don’t worry too much about the width of these strips, but try to make them the same length (roughly 4-5 feet each). Jersey knit fabric is stretchy, and the edges will round up, making it look like strands of rope.

Lay the eight strips of fabric or rope next to each other.

Macrame fabric strips

Step two: Make a big knot

Macrame Knot with Tassel

Tie all eight strips of fabric together with one big, tight knot at the bottom. Leave a few inches of material at the bottom to make that adorable tassel. Got it? Good. Onto the next step.

Step three: separate and tie knots

Separate out your fabric strips into four rows of two strips each. About two inches above your tassel knot, tie knots in each of those two strip rows. Now you should have one big knot and four smaller knots.

Step three: more knots!

macrame tying knots

Take one strip from each knot and tie it to one strip from the knot next to it. Repeat on all sides. This will create the structure that your pot will sit in. It should look like a diamond.

Step four: add planter

Lay your holder flat and set your planter down in the middle. Slowly lift up your holder and tie the top into, yes, another knot! Hang using the hook (which we’re hoping you already screwed into your ceiling).

Finished Macrame Planter

Tada! You did it! Look how fantastic it looks.

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