DIY and Disconnect: Mix Tape Decor

Ah, the mix tape. It was an art form back in the day. Everyone was making them. Cars were filled with them. You didn’t even have a chance with Tyler from Chemistry unless you made him a mix tape with songs that expressed your inner-most feelings. And there was no sorrow like when the tape got pulled out from the plastic casing and tangled up. In memory of all of the mix tapes we made, purchased, and received, we wanted to find a way to re-purpose those stragglers that may still be hanging around.


Mix Tape 1

This one is pretty simple! All you need are 4-8 cassette tapes, hot glue, and colored lights or succulents.


Step one: glue

Mix Tape 2

First, glue four cassette tapes into a square and let dry. Once dry, you can add a second tier if you’d like. If you want to turn this into a planter, glue a square of black painted wood to the bottom of your cassettes.


Step two: lights or plants

Mix Tape 3

Now, you can fill your cassette block with colorful lights for a fun lamp….

Mix Tape 4

or you can add plants and enjoy a nostalgic decoration!


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