DIY and Disconnect: Perler Bead Fun

Perler beads: the most fun you’ll ever have with a choking hazard. These small, fuse-able, and very lose-able beads came in every bright color under the sun and could be fused into pretty much anything. Coaster? You got it. Fridge magnet? Yep. Bracelet? You betcha!

There are hundreds of patterns online, but we figured we would start small….I mean, we haven’t done this since 1998 and all.


For this project, you will need:

  • Perler beads
  • Perler trays
  • Wax paper
  • An iron

Step one: pattern

First, lay out your pattern! You can do a simple square or circle as a coaster…

…or get funky and make letters or a shape! This step takes some time, so grab a Gushers cocktail and some friends and just enjoy not thinking too much (we could all use more of that in our day).

Step two: iron


Now, place your wax paper over your shape and press down firmly for about 15 seconds until the beads fuse. You can also flip over the shape to fuse the other side. Careful not to burn yourself!

Step three: enjoy!

Enjoy your fancy new coasters….


…or decor! Cheers – happy crafting!

Did you create something absolutely awesome? Send us a picture and we’ll show it off on the blog or social.

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