DIY and Disconnect: Spooky Spiders

All right, so these spiders may not be all that spooky, but they sure are adorable (and glittery)! Glitter is half the battle, right?

With Halloween right around the bend, we wanted to share a fun DIY that can double as the perfect party decor for just about any Halloween party you’re planning. The best part about this project? Many of the materials can be found right in your own backyard!


Materials for Halloween Spider Project

For this super cute DIY, you will need:

  • 3-5 similar(ish)-sized sticks (take these from the ground…do not pull them off of trees)
  • White yarn
  • Black paint
  • Large and small styrofoam balls
  • Black glitter
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • A hot glue gun

Step one: paint

paint your styrofoam balls

Take two large styrofoam balls and paint them black. You’ll need to dab on a ton of paint thanks to the texture of styrofoam, so leave yourself some time for them to really dry.

While they’re still wet, shake glitter all over each one. Go ahead and make things a bit messy. That’s what the paper underneath is for.

just add glitter

Once you’ve finished painting your spider bodies (yep, that’s something we thought we’d never say) take the smaller white styrofoam balls (the eyes) and place a black dot in the center of each. Tada! Eyeballs.

Step two: weave your web

create a DIY spider web

Take your sticks and place them in an asterisk shape in front of you. Secure the middle with yarn until none of the branches move. You’re ready now to weave your web.

create a DIY spider web

Weave your yarn from branch to branch making a web shape. Don’t worry too much about making it perfect. It’ll look great.

making a DIY spider web

Keep going until you’re happy with the size of your web, then tie off with a simple knot. You’re almost there.

Step three: hang it up

Once your spider’s web is complete, hang it up and secure tightly. If you don’t have an easy way to hang it, propping it against a wall works just fine too.

Step four: assemble the spiders

Once your paint has dried, glue the eyes onto the spiders and stick the pipe cleaners into the side to create legs. Bend them slightly to make the spider look super, super, duper realistic. OK, maybe not, but definitely cute, right?

Step five: spiders belong in a web

add spiders to the web

Finally, place your spiders in the web for some scarily cute Halloween decor. You’ve now created the perfect photo moment. Grab some of our homemade Glowing Jello Shots to really get this party started.

DIY spider Halloween project

Your haunted house will be the best on the block – people won’t be able to resist….

…just dropping by!

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