DIY and Disconnect: Wild About Washi Tape

Washi tape: It’s one of our favorite crafting materials because you can literally put it on anything. Yep, anything. From taping photos to a wall to customizing day planners, cocktail glasses, and office supplies, you can Washi tape it all. Get ready to have your mind blown!

So, what the heck is Washi tape? Great question. Washi is a tape made of natural fibers (think bamboo and hemp) and unlike a lot of other tapes, you can quickly and easily remove it from anything, if you decide you don’t like the final result.



So how do you get started in the world of Washi-ing (yep, we made that into a verb) everything you own? You just need a pile of tape (each roll is only about $2), your imagination, and a creative spirit.

rolls of washi tape

Just a few of our favorite rolls/patterns

Let’s get started.

Step one: materials

  • Washi tape (duh)
  • Anything you want to Washi tape
  • A creative spirit (or hey, a glass of wine will work too)

Step two: apply liberally and without shame

That’s it. Two steps. Let your creativity be your guide. Here are some fun ideas we came up with…

washi tape binder clips

Add to binder clips to give them a pop of color.

washi tape day planner washi tape day planner

Add color and pattern to your day planner or agenda. And stickers—add stickers too!

washi tape on file folder

Now no one will doubt who owns that file folder. It says YOU without even mentioning your name. #winning

washi tape on light switch cover

Dress up that light switch cover—and since Washi tape comes right off, you can change it up whenever you want. Just peel off, toss out, and try something new.

washi tape on photos

Tape around your photos and on the back to create stylish photo frames.

washi tape photo

Tada. Gorgeous!

washi tape straw flags

Make little flags for straws or on toothpicks to stick into cupcakes.

washi tape on walls

Tape your favorite photos right to the wall—Washi tape won’t damage paint!

washi tape office stuff

Now your desk is looking stylish, fun, and colorful. And that’s improving your creativity AND your productivity. All for just a couple of bucks.

You’re ready to take on the world, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what you come up with. Share your Washi tape projects with us in the comments below or via social media (@paintnite and @plantnite).

Enjoy your much-deserved me time and have a wonderful weekend!

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