DIY and Disconnect: Custom Wooden Chalkboards

Chances are that your office/cubicle/desk/whatever needs a little TLC. Or maybe you already have a super cute work-space but you’re trying to get more organized. Well, these custom wooden chalkboards bring a whole lot of style, color, and utility to your space! Check it out:


You can find everything you need for this project at your local craft store or Target. You’ll need:

  • Flat and sanded wood cuts
  • Chalkboard paint (any color!)
  • Chalk markers
  • Paintbrushes

Step one: paint

First, cover the flat section of your boards with paint. You’ll want to get a smooth, even covering for best results.

You can paint them with traditional black chalkboard paint, or you can spice things up and use any other color! Once painted, let your boards dry thoroughly.

Step two: decorate

Super simple! Now, all that’s left to do is decorate your boards. You can use it as a memo board or a to-do list…

…or you can make a decorative sign to hang in your space!

Step three: place

Where will you put yours? Will you spruce up your cube?

Or place them proudly for all to see?


Pro tip: Do you have kiddos? Running out of clever ideas for an end-of-the-year teacher gift? Trying to one-up Nancy’s mom who always hand-crafts something and then humble-brags about it? Make these as a teacher gift! They’re thoughtful, useful, and cute! Nancy’s mom has nothing on you!

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