DIY and Disconnect: Air Plant Shells

It’s vacation season, and if you’re a beach-goer we’re sure you’ve collected a seashell or two (or forty). All of these little treasures are great, but how can you display them in the manner they deserve? It’s all well and good to let them sit in a jar, but what if we told you that you could use them to display air plants?! #GameChanger

Even better? This is by far the easiest craft we have ever shared. It takes two materials and has a whopping one step. Check it out.


All you need for this project is some air plants and seashells. Really. That’s it. We could put it in a list for you, but that would look silly.

Step one (the only step)

Take your air plant and place it inside of your seashell. Yep, that’s it. And LOOK how COOL it turns out.

Once a month, take your air plants out of the shell and soak in water for thirty minutes. Let it dry and then place it back in its shell. We actually did an entire post on how to keep air plants alive, so you can read up if you’re wanting more growing tips.

These kind of look like sea monsters, huh?

Cheers – happy crafting!

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