DIY and Disconnect: galaxy slime

We’ve been seeing this slime everywhere, and honestly, have been dying for an excuse to get our hands on (in?) some.  And man, was it worth it. This stuff is truly out of this world!

Slime is fun to make, and there’s something extremely therapeutic about kneading it and watching the sparkles and colors swirl about. So, how can you get your hands in some?! Follow along below!

 Step one: ingredients


You’ll need:

  • 6oz of warm water
  • 4oz of glue (we opted for colored sparkly glue, but you can also add colors and sparkles separately)
  • 1tsp of borax (you can also use liquid starch)
  • Food coloring

Step two: borax


Mix one teaspoon of borax or liquid starch into a warm glass of water (6oz).

Step three: glue


In a different bowl, add four ounces of glue and a tablespoon of water. Mix until combined.

Step four: color and sparkle

If you’re adding any color or additional sparkle to your slime, this is when to do it! Add it in and stir thoroughly.

Step five: thicken and knead

Add in your borax (or liquid starch) and water mixture one teaspoon at a time. You’ll notice it starting to thicken and form clumps. Keep stirring. When it gets too thick to stir, take it out of the water and knead with your hands. Keep kneading until it’s no longer sticky.

Viola! Slime!

Step six: play!


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