DIY and Disconnect: Re-purposing Frames

Chances are you have a lot of old frames lying around, and there are only so many pictures you want displayed on your wall. Plus, you probably want to refresh your living or office space. Maybe you have some Polaroids from that wedding you went to last week. Or maybe you want a fun, new way to display the succulents you picked up at the nursery on your lunch break.  So, how can you hit all the nails on the head at once? By re-purposing your frames! It’s easy (and fun).


Re-purposing your old frames is fun

For this project, you will need:

  • Old or unused frames
  • Chicken wire (be careful – it’s sharp!)
  • Wire-cutters
  • Staple gun
  • Clothes pins
  • Washi tape (to give those clothes pins some pizzazz!)

Step one: prep your frames

First, take the glass, backs, and any images out of your frames.

Step two: chicken wire

add chicken wire to your old frames

Next, place your frames over the chicken wire and cut to be roughly the same size. The cut edges of the wire can rip clothing and are quite sharp—so be careful! Once you have cut it to size, begin stapling to the back of the frame until it is secure. Once it is secure, trim the wires along the edge until neat.

Don’t worry—you’ve got this. It only took us about 10 minutes.

chicken wire on frames

Step three: hang and decorate

re-purposed frames to display photos

Now, add some Polaroids, ticket stubs, words of wisdom, succulents…you name it—and hang on the wall!

re-purposed frames on the wall

#amazing – look at you go! Happy crafting!

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