Dress Up Your Reading Corner and Desk with Succulents and Paintings

You’ve heard us talk about how to upcycle your terrarium and get extra creative with your canvas painting, but now we’re going to show you how easy it is to decorate the spaces that could always use some more feng shui with your masterpieces!

Using your Paint Nite or Plant Nite project in your spaces is easier than you might think. Whether you want to cozy up your living room or spruce up your cube, look on below for some creative inspiration.

Your reading corner

There’s nothing better than getting comfy, grabbing a mug of tea, and tucking into a brand new story. Warm up your reading nook with some colorful paintings and greens! You can go from this…

to this!

Don’t worry if you’re not allowed to put holes in your walls, you can always use Command Hooks. Grab some plants, your paintings, and a few cozy pillows, and your reading nook will get a serious upgrade.

Happy reading!

Your office

Your office space probably needs a little love. Let us guess, white walls? Stark wooden desk? Uncomfortable chair? Yup. That needs to change! With a few pops of color and some softer surfaces, you’ll be on your way to a more creative and comfortable make-space in no time. You’re most likely starting with something like…

So, let’s put a frame on your Paint Nite creations, add some light, a candle, a few inspiring books, a plant (or two), and a blanket (because there’s no winter quite like an overly air-conditioned office).

Now you’re all set to get down to business in a brighter and happier space.

Cheers—happy sprucing!

Does your office need some Paint or Plant Nite love? Plan a Corporate Event today!


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