Paint Nite Dance Red Shoes painting

Fashion Paintings: Our Favorites Revealed

Sometimes art inspires fashion…

Fashion with Iconic Art

Photo cred >> Hetty Rose in Style

And sometimes fashion inspires art.

In our humble opinion, one of the best parts of the Paint Nite platform is our painting library. Thousands of artists across the world submit their paintings so that you can find your favorite. That one (or maybe five) painting that truly expresses you.

We have paintings of landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, pets, sunsets and sunrises, and yes, even shoes. While our most popular painting is still “Japanese Cherry Blossom”, “Whatever Lola Wants” is climbing the charts along with some fierce woman and their fabulous footwear.

Whether you keep tabs on the trends or just love a great pair of shoes, you’re certain to fall for these fashion-inspired paintings created by our very own Paint Nite artists.

In love with one of the above paintings? Grab your squad and come paint with us. We can’t wait to see what you create.

What’s your favorite fashion painting? Give a shoutout in the comments below or via social media and let us know.

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