Paint Nite Artist Carolyn McNeil

Featured Artist: Carolyn McNeil on Petal Power Paintings

April’s Exhibition is here and it’s all about #PetalPower. Since we’ve always had a thing for florals, we thought we’d interview of the artists behind one of our Petal Power paintings, Heirloom Hollyhocks. Meet Carolyn McNeil. Carolyn is a muralist by day and a Paint Nite host for Paint Nite New London (go #TeamBolinger) by night. Here’s what she had to say.
Paint Nite Artist Carolyn McNeil

How long have you been a Paint Nite artist and what made you decide to join the platform?

I’ve been a Paint Nite artist with #TeamBolinger in New London, Connecticut for 2 1/2 years.
I love painting, but because my “day job” is painting murals, I’m always painting solo. Paint Nite gives me an opportunity to share my love of painting with others. I enjoy seeing newcomers at events when they create a painting and find their artistic side that they’d forgotten or didn’t know was there. Surprise – you CAN paint!

What do you love most about painting?

Heirloom Hollyhocks Petal Power Paint Nite
I really love everything about painting and art in general. From deciding on the initial subject, to the color mixing, to exploring what you can do with just the simplest things – color, shape, value – it’s amazing! For me it’s a bit of an adventure each time I pick up a brush.

What’s one “pro tip” you’d want to share with our Paint Nite customers?

Be fearless! Paint doesn’t bite. Especially with acrylic. It dries quickly to give you a chance to adjust if you like. Try not to stress over little details and just enjoy painting.

Is it difficult to paint flowers?

I don’t think so. I take a few minutes to study the difference in each shape and design of their unique petals and colors.
I’m also a gardener, so have always had a love of each variety – from a simple daisy to a wild orchid.
Hope you’ll join us at Paint Nite soon to create your own Petal Power painting!

More About Carolyn:

Carolyn McNeil is a local muralist and face painter who lives and works in Connecticut. She is a part Paint Nite New London (go #TeamBolinger) and creates some of our favorite paintings.
Check out the full April Exhibition, Petal Power, here. And see what events Carolyn is hosting by visiting her artist page or find a Paint Nite event in your neighborhood.
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