Featured Artist: Celebrate #YearoftheWoman With Sarah Rajkumar

We’re celebrating strong women with our May Exhibition, and that includes Paint Nite Hamilton artist Sarah Rajkumar! Find out what she loves about painting and how Made of Stardust came to be.



How long have you been a Paint Nite artist and what made you decide to join the platform?

I’ve been a Paint Nite artist in Toronto and Hamilton for four years. I worked in the corporate world for almost a decade before Paint Nite gave me the opportunity to live out my dreams as a teacher, artist and entrepreneur.

What do you love most about painting?

Painting is freedom. It encourages us to just BE and to accept ourselves in what we create.

Is it difficult to paint?

Anyone can paint! I think the challenge comes when we try to mimic someone else’s work…it’s impossible because we are all unique and so are our paintings. Painting is easy when we let go of expectations, stay true to ourselves and embrace the process.

How did Made of Stardust come about?

I generally enjoy painting with a lot of negative (white) space because it leaves room for Paint Niters to insert their own colours and interpretation of the painting. Made of Stardust popped into my head one day when I was musing about the beauty of natural hair. To me it represents our raw complexity. We don’t have to try to be magical…we already are.


More About Sarah

Sarah is passionate about encouraging others in the discovery of their inner artist. When she isn’t hosting Paint Nite, her hands are in the soil cultivating food for her family and community.

For this aspiring organic farmer, community, health and love are the driving force behind her creative spirit.

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