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Featured Artist: Meet Caroline Golarz

Meet Caroline Golarz. Caroline is a Paint Nite artist, or Creative Host, at Paint Nite Seattle.

Paint Nite artist Caroline Golarz

Most nights, you can find Caroline leading a group in the Paint Nite oath and bringing her love of art to her community.

Here’s what Caroline had to say when we asked her about life as a Paint Nite artist:


When did you become a Paint Nite artist and why?

“I joined Paint Nite Seattle this past August. I was looking for a job within a creative environment and came across this opportunity at the right time.

Being a Paint Nite artist and creative host has allowed for a balance between creativity and work. Replicating paintings has given me a deeper sense of discipline, while having the opportunity to create my own paintings gives me the flexibility to show more originality.”

Caroline Golarz artwork

Check out all of Caroline’s artwork on Instagram @carolinegolarz


What is your favorite part about hosting Paint Nite?

“I love seeing people learn something new. The expression on their face when they’ve just made progress in their painting is one of my favorite parts of hosting Paint Nite.

I also love creating the type of environment that encourages originality and helps everyone let go of the idea that there is a right and wrong way to make a painting.”


Do you have a studio? What is your favorite thing in your studio?

“I actually just put together a studio space in my room! My favorite part about it is the space I have. My desk is huge and it’s made of a door I found sitting near a dumpster a while ago.

I repainted both sides with my artwork and put some legs on it and now it is perfect for my studio.”


What’s your favorite thing to paint and why?

“For Paint Nite paintings, I enjoy playing around with seasonal ideas because I love decorating for the holidays and seasons.

Paint Nite Turning a New Leaf

“Turning a New Leaf”

As far as my personal artwork, I paint what inspires me.”

Caroline Golarz artwork

Caroline Golarz artwork

What inspires you?

“Experience inspires me. There is usually a feeling or experience behind a painting that I hope to translate through my painting. Ideas relating to nature, dance, and music are the most prevalent examples.”


What’s your favorite song?

“This is a difficult question to answer! I listen to a very wide range of music depending on my mood. If I had to pick one song right now, it would be Bamboléo by The Gipsy Kings. I use to dance to this song as a little kid all the time. I experience the emotion behind music through dance and it has translated into paintings I have created. Music is essential to my process.”


Have you created a painting for our painting library? If so, what was it and where did the inspiration for it come from?

“I have yet to submit a painting to the library! I am working on it though. I’ve been playing around with ideas for fall paintings. Coming soon!”


Caroline is part of #teamcopploe in Seattle. You can check out Caroline’s artist page and see what events she’s hosting next.

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