Featured Artist: Meet Megan Rhoden

Meet Megan Rhoden! She’s a Paint Nite local artist, or Creative Host, for Paint Nite Springfield.

Megan Rhoden

Paint Nite Megan Rhoden

In addition to hosting Paint Nite events in Springfield, MO, Megan also runs her own face-painting events for local birthday parties, fall festivals, and other miscellaneous events. Her dream is to work for a big animation company, like Disney or Laika.

Here’s what Megan had to say when we asked her about life as a Paint Nite artist:

When did you become a Paint Nite artist and why?

“I found Paint Nite two years ago, and I have been extremely lucky to work for such a great company. Paint Nite gives artists the opportunity to make art for a living, while sharing our skills with people who may have never painted before.

I have a very outgoing personality, and I knew that I would be really successful at showing people how to paint in a really unique way. It’s just a fun night out.”

What is your favorite part about hosting Paint Nite?

“I really love it when I see the same customers come back to paint with me again and again. I love to hear people come up to me and say that they’ve found a new love for art that they never had before.

Those compliments from my customers elevate my confidence and truly make me become a better artist.”

Do you have a studio? What is your favorite thing in your studio?

“I like to work in the comfort of my own home. My cats like to help me paint sometimes, and I feel like I can get more work done when I don’t have to travel to a different space to get creative.”

What’s your favorite thing to paint and why?

“I like to incorporate animals into my paintings: birds, dolphins, bunnies, cats, unicorns… really anything! I think that animals add another element to a basic landscape and they tell more of a story than just painting a tree.

One of my favorites is a series of family tree paintings where I have customers paint themselves and their families as birds sitting on the tree branches. Most of the time, I paint silhouettes because it is easier for our customers to learn and come away feeling the most proud of their work.”

Have you created a painting for our painting library? If so, what was it and where did the inspiration for it come from?

“I have several paintings in the library.

Last January, I was featured for my “Winter Visitors” painting, but I am really proud of some of the newer paintings I have submitted.

Right now I think my new favorite piece I submitted would have to be, “Mermaid Magic III.” I really love mermaids and I wanted to try my hand at a mermaid painting. My favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid and I really like watching ocean documentaries. There is something so magical and beautiful about the ocean.

My second favorite painting I have submitted would have to be “Stained Glass Rose III.”

I was extremely inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. I had just watched the newest movie in the theater when I painted this one. I first painted it as a partner painting, but then I thought it would be great by itself as well.

I really think that stained glass artworks are beautiful, and I wanted to capture that as well in my painting.”

What inspires you?


I am one of those people who really take in the scenery every time I go out. I always carry a sketchbook and draw out ideas for paintings or animations when an idea comes to me.

I really like looking at the clouds to see the different shapes in them. I live in the city, so I get a lot of opportunities to just sit and observe the world around me. I also like to combine two completely different things together to make something new. Who cares if it sounds weird!”

What’s your favorite song?

“My favorite song is Barbie Girl by Aqua. I really like fun, bubbly, upbeat songs, or anything Disney.”


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