Paint Nite artist Dominique Lacroix

February featured artist and painting

Regardless of your personal feelings about Valentine’s Day, February is all about love. That’s why we HAD to share one of this month’s Featured Paintings at Paint Nite: L.O.V.E. by Canadian artist Dominique Lacroix. Can’t you just picture this beauty hanging proudly in your home?

LOVE painting from Paint Nite

Since we LOVEd Dominique’s painting, we thought we’d chat with her a bit about creating art, Paint Nite, and how she gets creative.

Paint Nite artist Dominique Lacroix

Dominique is a mother, artist, photographer, and graphic designer who recently chased her dream and moved from Ottawa to Canada’s east coast—Moncton, New Brunswick. Passionate for the arts, photography, and traveling, Dominique has been a Paint Nite artist since mid-2016. She says the “job ad fell on her lap […] and what a fun ride this has been!”


Paint Nite Moncton Collage

Dominique says: “As an assistant to the Paint Nite artists here in Moncton, New Brunswick, I adore the atmosphere that I get to witness every time we work at events. It’s so ALIVE and you get to see people that never held a brush in their life. Seeing some guests gain confidence and explore the art of painting (with all the benefits of releasing stress, worries, and doubts) is a very powerful thing!”

LOVE painting at Paint Nite LA

These Paint Nite Los Angeles customers LOVE their new paintings.


LOVE painting at Paint Nite Los Angeles

Customers painting L.O.V.E at Paint Nite in Los Angeles.

“I’m also the Assistant Manager to the amazing Moncton District Manager, Sarah Irving.”

“As the Assistant Manager, I handle supplies replenishment, help with interviews, train new staff at events, post on our social media accounts, visit new cities to expand our business, respond to online questions, create graphics and promotional designs, come up with a really good music playlist, make fun photo props (sooo fun!), attend lots of meetings, and help with brainstorming and creative projects.”

“In addition to being a ‘Manager’s Sidekick’ and ‘Event Assistant,’ I’m also known in my team as the ‘submit your art’ pusher. I push our staff to make art to submit to the ever-growing Paint Nite painting library.”

Want to try your hand at L.O.V.E? Find Featured Paintings in your city by going to and click the “FEATURED” button on the top right.

Happy painting!

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